Philips 47” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

deja Woot

Bathroom Break!

So can this TV be used for 3D viewing? Since it is 120hz?

A refurbished Philips?

Dinner break!!

not another t.v…

sounds good enough to me.

bring on the monkeys i want to buy some if they arent pink or purple.

Anyone noticing that netbooks, computers, TVS are all refurbished . used to be a good deal . Not now … Good luck …
Only thing I got was GRAB BAG :slight_smile:

LOL I think they really want suckers for this TV

No VGA port. :frowning:

Almost had me sold.


Don’t even think about it unless you have a lot of disposable income. I bought a refurbished Philips plasma a couple years ago. It lasted six months and crapped out. The cost to repair it was half the price of a new non refurbished Panasonic.

At least it is not ANOTHER computer

And another thing. It’s monkeys. Not monkies.

i never took you for the english/grammar nazi

**Bring forth the monkeys **

mmmmm the sweet censorship of woot

Ok so Im new here and I cant stop wondering what the thing is with Wildabeasts, monkeys, and bowls of cereal. Are they chat filters or is everyone taking hallucinogens?

I bought this one refurbished and it has worked great for me! The shipping didn’t take long either. Decent picture and I watch all my blu-ray movies on it and I’m happy with my purchase.