Philips 5 Outlet PowerSquid

getting tired

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New Philips 5 Outlet PowerSquid, for $3.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips SPS1596WA/17 PowerSquid Power Strip

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AHHH! It’s a squid! So cool!

lol squid is sold out?

Drat it, not fast enough…

8 seconds. woo.
and this is going very fast. 10 woots in less than an hour. at least i think it’s ten.

that was quick

damn that went FAST!

Meh, still have two of these unopened from last time. Good deal, though.

damn! miss typed my password!

dang, i wanted one.

What’s with the put it up and it’s gone 5 seconds later… yeesh.

me too…I always want one of these, but then realize I have powers strips that work just as well, but don’t look as cool


cant be sold out that fast, i wanted that.

Fast sellouts times…

I was actually contemplating getting one… darn!

how much longer do i want to stay up if its all going to be fail like this

shockingly boring woot off, what does woot have like four of each item, and whats up with no one buying in Utah???