Philips 6-Device Universal Remote Control – 2 Pack




that was stupid quick

this looks familiar

great 2 of them!


This isn’t a woot-off. It’s a garage sale.

These actually work as advertised. Button effort is a little heavy, but they learn any function. They were cheaper last nite, though…

With all the low quantity items Woot is selling tonight, I may never get a post up.

Are you kidding me??? The page just loaded!!!

Bargain alert! This has LEARNING capabilities and that came in very handy for a finicky DVD player I have! The old remote was very poor design, this remote works it GREAT!

I highly recommend it, my roommate got the other one.

Got mine during a wootoff, said 2 pack but only 1 was in the box, and the case was mostly opened.

Still, worked for my new TCL TV which doesnt have any codes, so other universal remotes would not work.
Horray for the Learning!