Philips 6-Device Universal Remote Control Woot Info Post - very refreshing.

Philips 6-Device Universal Remote Control [New] - $2.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Philips SRU5106/27 6-Device Universal Remote Control

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Philips 6-Device Universal Remote Control
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Philips SRU5106/27 6-Device Universal Remote Control

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can it control when the BOC appears?

Bought 2 awhile ago. LOVE 'em!

Great timing! I just hope this will work with my Vizio. My daughter destroyed the original remote. So hopefully this one will last a while.

Great, now it’s $2.99 . . .

If they’re up for a bit I’ll buy three- that way it won’t matter when I lose two

Around 100 of these…

Bought this for $2.99 at my 99 cents only store about a week ago. meh.

inb4 $2.99 at a 99 cents store jokes.

at the end of the school year when dr patters says raj, what do you have to say ab your bad grades ? im going to reply sorry dr patters but before par 4 there was a woot off, and thats why im failing dental school … :frowning:



Only Woot! would per unit sell two for more than the price of one!

so What is this Bucket of candy?
i know of the bag of sh*7 (which i think i want XD) but whats the bucket of candy?

It’s just a clever (or not) name for the Bag of Crap.

so its a bucket full of candy?

Haven’t been to one lately (none here in Hell!) Is this what they are doing now–still calling themselves ‘.99 only’ by having the .99 in the price of things that are more?!! I thought it was clever of them to ‘raise’ their prices to 99.99cents to still be able to call themselves .99 only!
Sign of the (inflated) times, huh?!

LOL. I’m in the same boat. Have two papers and a test before the end of the night tomorrow and all I’ve accomplished in the past 24 hours is a mastery of the F5 key…

i got one class tomarrow at 4PM!! and im west cost so its just hitting midnight now XD WOOT