Philips 6-Device Universal Remote for iPod

Not a bad price…

google products here

cool ipod remote does it work with Zune

The only price i found was $179


Does anyone know if this will work with a 3rd gen ipod touch?

I feel like I just left a strip-club. Nothing but a tease WOOT!

just what everyone needs… A remote bigger than the device it controls.

I got this in my BOC from 11/19/09. pretty nice remote

Is this compatible with the iPhone. If so, which model should I choose?

Nice if you have Philips/Magnavox electronics because the remote works by default.


Definitely a good deal.

Sorry MAC and Zune users. It isn’t friendly.

Yes, by all means give me a remote that is three times the size of the item it controls!

woot is helping solve the conan vs leno problem. check it out:

Visits Amazon

At least the sellout was worth the wait…


Wow, batteries are even included…

JP1 compatible?

can I control my iPod while my iPod is using it’s blu ray remote app, therefore controlling my ps3?