Philips 6-Device Universal Remote for iPod

I LoL’d hard.

As if the iPod needs a remote

Cazwell reference FTW!

Hey woot - I’ll buy you some ice cream!

That’s quite a small TV

I actually really like the concept. If I had a sound system to connect the iPod that was stolen out of my car to, I’d consider picking this up :slight_smile:

Update! The amazon review for it seems pretty solid too. Looks like a good deal.

oooooooh, its for when your drunk! im so glad they specified that!

That’s an Old-School iPod too. C’mon woot, get with the times!

Can you use your iPod as a remote to control the Philips?

Price: $175.01

To add to the collection of dusty lost remotes you never use and eventually forget what they are for…

I bought one of these a while back. I dont’ use any of the video output stuff, I simply use it to play music through my stereo system, and have a way to skip tracks, go through playlists, and such. It’s really useful, and it controls all of my other devices - blu ray, hd dvd, laserdisc, CD changer, and Harmon Kardon receiver. It’s rare to find a device that will work with old pioneer laserdisc players or with harmon kardon stuff. The onyl issues I have is sometimes it can’t pair with the ipod. I have to undock and redock it. Not a big deal, only happens when docking the ipod, and only rarely. Pull it off, redock, and it works fine. I love this thing!