Philips 6-Outlet Surge Protector

A nice quality power pack at a decent price?
Sure, why not

lights are pretty bright on these - plugs are spread out nicely

Amazon averages 3 1/2 stars, out of 19 reviews, most are 3 and 4 stars

Quick start guide


The manual linked on the same page I found this is for some other product…


Previous woot: 2 for $9.99

I bought 2 of these on woot a while back, then forgot which outlets I was planning on using them on, but after a few weeks in the box I found one very handy in a spot where I wanted a printer to go right up against the outlet but still have access, and the other was nice where I wanted the shield to hide the cables.

The indicator LEDs are a bit bright, and the surge protection isn’t heavy duty, but they are a nice and useful design. I also like that they screw into the outlet and are thus very sturdy.

In for 2. No problem finding a spot in need of some cable management.

Heh, nice catch. Fixed. :tongue:

in for 3. The look great

1000 joules is about one step above a standard cheapo surge protector.

It’s way better (for the price) than a standard surge protector from a big box store (which can often be only 100-800 joules, commonly 270/300 and often cost more than this).

I’m very tempted at this price to buy some to replace my cheap ones around the house.

I was hoping to use this for my nuclear facilities or aircraft. Looks like I’ll have to keep looking.

Bought a couple of these the last time they were on Woot.

They are absolutely fantastic. They’re sturdy and reliable. There is a faux-plug on the back of it that goes into the unused outlet. Unnecessary I think, but I’m all for safety and sturdiness.

In for 2 this time (:

NOT a “power pack” - just surge protection.

But a great deal for decent goods if you get 3.

For those that don’t like super bright LED’s, masking tape or black electrical tape work wonders.

Use masking tape to dim the LED brightness, or use electrical tape for a full blackout.

If you really want to get fancy, grab an exacto knife and cut around the LED after the tape has been placed on the device.

I lied. In for 3 =P I couldn’t stop myself.

In for three. Tired of my toddler unplugging the TV and cable box, not to mention scared he might zap himself. Hopefully the cover will keep him out.

Three critical things to note:

  1. You must use a 3-prong outlet for this.
  2. Because of the screw, it will not fit on outlets that have a reset button or outlets that do not have a center screw.
  3. This is NOT intended for sensitive items like TVs and Computers. It is great for printers, radios, etc.

The most sensitive equipment (HDTV & Satellite) require 960-6500 Joules

Computers, games, and phone/fax need 960-5500 Joules protection

Audio systems, Printers, Radios, and small appliances can settle for this lower-end protection of 150-1500 Joules.

Joules is the amount of energy that a surge protector can absorb to protect the appliance … the lower number is like having a “pillow” instead of a “mattress” to protect something. Think of this as a “baby” surge protector - it will help some, but isn’t your first choice for those highly sensitive items.

In for three, i have a problem with my two cats climbing on the ones i have and hitting the power switch thus turning tv/computer off.