Philips 60W LED Light Bulb, 8-Pack

Daylight is a deal breaker. I prefer Warm light. 2700 to 3000K

Are these dimmable?

I may well have missed it somewhere (it’s early and I had a bad night) but how is shipping working for these flash deals? As they’re fulfilled by Amazon does that mean prime members get free shipping or is it still a standard $5 per item?

Q&A on Amazon states that these are not dimmable.

Our shipping costs are $5 per order, not per item. And sadly, the Flash Deal section is included in that standard. I hope one day we can sync up with Amazon Prime though! It would save me a bunch of money, that’s for sure.

Oh my goodness… I knew they’d be bright, but holy lightening bolt brightness in my living room! If you ever doubt your house cleaning abilities, put one of these in your house. Just one. I can see every imperfection, every piece of dust, heck I can almost see through the walls from the other room! Not to mention we’re going to save a ton of money. Had I known they were this bright, I’d have probably just ordered 1 box because you only need one in each room… seriously! If you missed this, sorry…i got 3 boxes. I’ll never need them all, but I’ve got them…

LOL. I laughing out loud reading your post.