Philips 7" Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

1 Philips 7" Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

$79.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference

“Up to 2 hours of viewing time”.

So means you can’t even see a full movie?

why ppl still need portable DVD player? Isn’t the portable video player enough? like the 4.3 inch mp4 player which plays avi, rmvb, wmv directly. (i know iPod and Zune needs the conversion which takes huge amount of time).

Amazon Reviews… not to stellar

Thats on the battery, my guess is that very few will use BOTH LCDs on battery power. Plus it has a car adaptor, most people are going to use this in the car to entertain two kids in the back seat. Unlimited playback time on AC/DC power

That’s if it doesn’t have a power source, in the car you’d keep it plugged into the “cigarette lighter”

All the reviewers had major problems with the 2nd screen - sounds like buyers might be more satisfied if they look at this as a portable player with “possible bonus screen”

man i wish i had a picture of a cat with stupid stuff below it to put on here. “I r postin to mak u angree.”

I like to repurpose, repair, reuse, recycle. I’m cheap.

Would it be possible to plug one of these screens (preferably the slave unit) into a computer and/or cam for quick viewing/editing of vid and/or pics? (Using the separate power source, as required.)

I did this with the screen from a junked Inspiron 4000 laptop using online instructions. Worked well. Not particularly complicated.

Likewise, how about as an economical auxiliary display for webcam, etc?

No these use some really non-generic connections made buy the MFG so you wouldn’t be able to hook it up to a PC or camcorder

non-generic… aka - proprietary

Considering what the OP accomplished with the aforementioned screen from a junked laptop, I’m guessing plug and play connections isn’t a necessity for his purposes… Go for it Brill and report back someday on the results!

Here’s how I see it… It’s refurbished… therefore all the complaints about the nd screen having issues is more than likely something that’s been fixed in this model. Soo… I’m going to put my trust in a refurb and my typical motto: “The part that’s going to break already broke and it’s been fixed, therefore refurb’s are better”

That motto has been applied to this item.

I just bought 2. 1 for car so I don’t have to worry about re-running the DC cables, etc.

Looks like a no-go for this one No divx

Hi Brill, can you please point out some url or some info regarding how to reuse a screen from old laptop ? that will be very useful. Do you know one has to break up the laptop to make it work or it can serve as dual purpose, use as a laptop if want to or use its screen for another desktop pc. thanks.

Along the same lines, we have an older mini-van with a VCR, but it has all the line in ports. Could I run this DVD player into the van’s audio/visual system and have it show up on both the van’s drop down screen, and the two screens?

well butdbilly, let me give you an example…

I’m driving down the highway, enjoying the snow gently falling on the cold grey landscape, daydreaming about the Star Wars Vault: 30 Years of Treasures From the Lucasfilm Archives I just snagged over at Life is good. All of a sudden my 10 year old hauls off and punches her 7 year old sibling directly in his left eye causing a loud, ear piercing wail and a barrage of name calling and retaliatory kicks, punches and slaps. It’s on like Donkey Kong and I can’t reach them from the front seat of the minivan to join the fray…

Why would anyone want a respiffied set of Philips 7" Dual Screen Portable DVD Players? Because with these badboys my children would fall into a deep, hypnotic state, staring at the eye candy before them. Thrilling images of Spongebob flipping crabby patties, Wall-E flirting with his state-of-the-art female counterpart or an AARP card weilding Indiana Jones still running from snakes will distract my children from possibly catching a murder charge.

So, butdbilly, have a couple kids and you’ll know why people are still buying these instead of a handheld version with a 4.3" screen. I get shivers when I try to imagine my two gladiators sitting cheek-to-cheek, sharing a mini-screened video playing device without being bound and sedated.

Thank you woot and Philips!

What does “no divx” mean?

DivX Media Format (DMF)
DivX Filename extension .divx
Type code DIVX
Developed by DivX
Type of format media container
Container for DivX encoded video and other media
The latest generation, DivX 6, was released on June 15, 2005 and expands the scope of DivX from including just a codec and a player by adding a media container format. This optional new file format introduced with DivX 6 is called “DivX Media Format” (“DMF”) (with a .divx extension) that includes support for the following DVD-Video and VOB container like features.

DivX Media Format (DMF) features:
Interactive video menus
Multiple subtitles (XSUB)
Multiple audio tracks
Multiple video streams (for special features like bonus/extra content, just like on DVD-Video movies)
Chapter points
Other metadata (XTAG)
Multiple format
Partial backwards compatibility with AVI
This new “DivX Media Format” also came with a “DivX Ultra Certified” profile, and all “Ultra” certified players must support all “DivX Media Format” features. While video encoded with the DivX codec is an MPEG-4 video stream, the DivX Media Format is analogous to media container formats such as Apple’s QuickTime. In much the same way that media formats such as DVD specify MPEG-2 video as a part of their specification, the DivX Media Format specifies MPEG-4-compatible video as a part of its specification. However, despite the use of the “.divx” extension, this format is an extension to the AVI file format. The methods of including multiple audio and even subtitle tracks involve storing the data in RIFF headers and other such AVI hacks which have been known for quite a while, such that even VirtualDubMod supports them. DivX, Inc. did this on purpose to keep at least partial backwards compatibility with AVI, so that players that do not support the new features available to the .divx container format (like interactive menus, chapter points and XSUB subtitles) can at least play that primary video stream (usually the main movie if the DMF file contains multiple video streams like special features like bonus materials). Of course, the DivX codec and tools like Dr.DivX still support the traditional method of creating standard AVI files.