Philips 7” Portable LCD Dual DVD Player

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Philips 7" Portable LCD Dual DVD Player
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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and back down the roller coaster,…

wtf? what is this? dual screen or you can watch two movies at once?

bbbbblitz time!

are there no more bits of cheetos?

What’s up with all the duplicates?

Wasn’t this up before?

Deja Vu

i thought these ‘sold out’ a few hours ago… did they find some more down the back of the sofa?

Someone found another box of these laying around the warehouse.

Nope, this is PD7016, the other was PD7012…this has got better reviews on Amazon.

perfect for my 4 wheeler.

These are great for kids in the car!

yay these again. Like the weird Uncle that always turns up at family occasions even when not invited.

Seriously these were bad about 2 years ago when you first started selling them… couldnt you just shift them on black Friday in your Amazon sale and put us all out of our misery?

Nice… you snooze the last time they were up (6 hours ago), you can buy one now… for 10 bucks more!!! Go get em peepz!!!

They are different, just go look.

I think they do sell out, but some people cancel their orders soon after. Or perhaps there was a problem with their credit card? Etc, etc. So they end up actually having a few left in stock for another round in the Wootoff. This Dual DVD player is a good example.

The one earlier only had 1 dvd palyer and two screens shared… wish they would put red bull up. running on 19 straight