Philips 8.5-inch Portable DVD with iPod Dock and SD Card Reader

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Philips 8.5" Portable DVD with iPod Dock and SD Card Reader
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Philips DCP850/37 8.5" Video Player with iPod Dock and DVD Player

Target has these on clearance in the store for $90

btw, that’s new too…

If it didn’t have that idiotic iPod dock I might have been somewhat interested in this item.

I bought this new for $140 a few months ago and love it. Definitely worth it IMO

Nice “Usual Suspects” still.


might get one if i didn’t think ipods are junky fashion icons, i’m quite happy with my archos 604, and my iaudio X5L until i broke it at work.
20 bux cheaper

Can this be used to transfer from the SD card to the iPod or vice/versa ?

Did not know Target had them too, but I saw a Philips unit at Wal-mart on clearance for $139… but I’m thinking it was a 7" screen, not sure if Philips makes one with a 7" or not.

The 8.5" screen unit I saw at Target was a Memorex, and DID NOT have the Ipod dock… it did have a swivel rotating screen…, our local Targets had them tonite at $111… but again, no Ipod dock…

I have an earlier version of this and it’s great for plane use. When you kill the battery you still have juice left in the pod for the rest of the trip. I just wish it worked with the iPhone.

The remote ‘docks’ where the ipod would if you don’t use the dock for an ipod… not a bad looking unit with the remote docked. imo

in for one! seams like these portable dvd players are ~100 bucks anyway and don’t include the iPod/SD.

It’ll go good on top of my treadmil while using my woor rebok heart rate monitor.

Hey Rob, nice winning on the patterns derby. I have an XL hanging in my closet. Will definitely whip it out on TLAP Day. And of course to help global warming on occasions.

Oh, and yeah, I wish it worked with the iPhone too. But I’m getting it to watch my TV episodes I have on DVD while I workout in the AM.

Im in for one, I agree about the worthlessness of the Ipod dock but the remote has a nice place to rest so might as well.

el manuel in pdf:


Why the hell did Apple disable (or maybe change the pinout?) the ‘video out’ via the dock connector on the Classic, and not offer it on the new Nano either… when they changed the name from video to classic???

Items like this became obsolete…

Altec Lansing had just introduced a bad ass speaker dock with an 8.5" built in screen about the time the Video became the Classic, and the player that it uses is no longer in production… someone buys a used Video Ipod on ebay probably does not want to pay close to 4 bills on a dock like that…

On the same note, the Altec Lansing IM600 is a nice rechargeable dock with FM radio and ‘composite video’ out to connect to an external video source, also introduced shortly before the Classic, and the video out is not a useable function of the dock unless you have a Video Ipod, no go on the Classic…

I think video out is still available on the classic thru the headphone jack with the proper A/V cable…

Correct me if I am wrong…

Oh Yeah…

Your Ipod Video will work with a MAC, so by proxy, this unit is Mac Compatible…

anyone know what formats the SD card reader will read? The Polaroid DVR I got off woot has an SD card reader in the front of it. Which is cool, but it will only read a couple of video formats. It won’t read AVI for one. And converting them to a format it will read is a lengthy process that blows.