Philips 8.5" LCD DVD Player with iPod Dock



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Philips DCP850/37 DVD Player w/ iPod Dock
condition: Refurbished

$119.99 + $5 shipping


i really like the concept. looks like a good price


Id get it if it worked with a zune.


Ipod not included right?


Would that be a steal or what


I paid 179.99 at costco for this back in June for my step daughter. The first one was returned for not working at all. The replacement one works if you hit it on the side.


i have this and it is great. bought mine for $140 at walmart and love it. speakers could be louder but with headphones it’s fine.


can i stick my Zune in there?


Oh. That’s not good. I thought this looked like a good deal.


In for one – just the thing for my wife.


Amazon Review… 3.5 stars isn’t bad, but the first person’s story how one of these fried two iPods and Phillips wouldn’t even replace the defective DVD player no less the iPods is a bit disconcerting.

There also seems to be a mention that this works with the 30/40 (and I’d dangerously assume 60GB maybe the older 80GB as well) video iPods but not the newest 80/160.

Don’t take my words for gospel people. Click the linky:


i gotta say… this thing actually is quite sweet looking… if only i had an ipod video… i still got my old skool gen. 2 ipod… and it rocks.


i have the 7.5" version that walmart was carrying, and i love it for going on any kind of long trip.

word of warning, does not fit iphones/ipod touch ipods, but works great with the gen5 30 and 80 gig versions (i do not have access to the new ipod classic to be able to test)

plays many formats of .avi files from both sd card and burned cd/dvd just fine. it can also act as a charger for the ipod.


i have this one too going on 6 months no problems and its used quite often, this is a steal at that price


Resolution 480×234 ?!?!

That’s so low!! My cell phone’s 2.5" screen is 320x240… and it looks beautiful… but I can’t imagine that same image being blown up to 8.5"… That’ll just look HORRIBLE for sure…


you can, but I don’t think you’ll be able to get it back out!


I have one, works perfect with my 5th gen 80GB. However, the new classic versions do not work in it. Still, good price.


I just want to warn everyone that the dock connector will not work for video on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 3g (the fat one with video) or the iPod Classic as these require authenticated video out chips which this product does not have as it was manufactured before the advent of these new chips. Read this and be prepared!


If this thing would work with my Philips, then I’d buy one.

damn. Why do all the neat accessories all have to be iPod compatible only?