Philips 8.5” Portable DVD Player with iPod Dock

Wow! It’s an Apple Tablet pre-release!! :smiley:

here’s CNet’s review (with video!)

Is the tablet’s screen linked to the iPod/phone’s for control purposes?

$179 on Amazon, with prices ranging from $83 to $170 (See Google pricing guide!)

Here are links to reviews:

CNET’s comprehensive Philips DCP851 portable DVD player w/ iPod dock! Philips DCP851 8.5-Inch Portable DVD Player!

A video review on YouTube!

And the manual and specs:

The manual at Phillips as a PDF file.

website here:

specs manual here : Error-404 | Philips

Not a bad tablet per the reviews on Cnet, and the retail is around $180.

Check check check it out here!

Does this work with a Zune as well? it just seems like everything is all i(something) and nothing is made for the zune unless u buy it directly off their site or in stores where it looks cheap

Amazon gives it 4 out of 5 stars!

Can you play videos from the SD card slot?

Is the DVD player region locked?

youtube reivew…

looks really nice and I think philips makes nice stuff that plays divx very well. Too bad I’m not a fan of the open face design, I much prefer the clamshell. Does it at least come with a sleeve or something?

It does come with a pouch, nice.

does it work with other video sources or only i-junk I looked on c net yes it has video in and out and plays from sd card

testfreaks give a little review and talks about the problems they had with the dcp850

From this is a quote from them:

The Philips DCP851/37 is a portable DVD player with an extra-large 8.5” widescreen TFT LCD display. It plays CDs and DVDs with a variety of media formats, including JPEG images, MP3 audio files, and VCD, DivX, and MPEG-4 videos. Plus, the Philips DCP851/37 includes a dock for connecting to & charging an iPod. Additional features of the Philips DCP851/37 player include a slot for SD/MMC cards, a remote control for convenient navigation, two headphone jacks for private listening, and a cigarette outlet adapter (12vDC) for hooking the unit up directly to an automobile. The Philips DCP851/37 retails in black for $129.99 and comes with a 1 year limited warranty."

It shows a remote in the picture but it’s not listed in the contents. Does it come with the remote? And if it does can we get a close up picture of it?

Serious question: is it iPHONE compatible?

Self answered: sort of.

2G, yes.

3G, 3Gs won’t charge battery and has to be in Airplane Mode.

Bummer. I just trans-graded from 2G to 3Gs (hoping the 4G doesn’t come out next week! :wink:

Does anyone know how long a 3Gs will run in Airplane Mode but playing videos without a charger on it? Maybe you can turn off the iPhone screen too and save a little more juice? Basically, is this good for a transcontinental flight, or only intrastate?

I have a Philips MP3 player (which I absolutely love), I’m wondering if this is compatible?? If so, it’d be perfect for car trips!!

I have a 5th Gen iPod with video from early 2006. From the specs listed, I think it says its not compatible. Or am I wrong?