Philips 8-Outlet Home Theater Surge Protector Woot Info Post - not just a pretty face

Philips 8-Outlet Home Theater Surge Protector [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Philips SPP1135WA/17 8-Outlet 4320 Joules Home Theater Surge Protector

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$30 on Amazon

This may help to explain the different types of Surge Suppression… brought to you by Wiki…

Somewhere for my squids to plug in? :slight_smile:

The child prroof locks look like a great feature.

dang, Utah and New Mexico are crazy for this

It’s a good deal folks. I just bought something almost identical at Lowe’s yesterday for $39.99. Different brand, but it looks so similar they could have come out of the same plant in China. Luckily it’s still in the package so I’m returning it tomorrow and buying three of these from woot.

It would be really nice if you could rotate some of the outlets to accommodate bulky AC adapters…

Well, you could plug in three bulky AC adapters without blocking ports given the spacing between the three plugs on the one side.

Very true, but some adapters run parallel to the outlet and not at a 90-degree angle, thus blocking the adjoining outlet…

Purchased two of these at previous woot 2 for Tuesday. Bad luck with them. I had two DVD recorders plugged into one of them (certainly should handle the load) and the internal circuit breaker kept tripping. Would power everything pluggged in off. Every time this would happen I had to reprogram the clocks and menus. Royal pain, finally gave up on them. I went to Costco and for forty bucks got an 8 slot UPS. Three of the 8 go to the battery backed side. IMHO don’t buy these,mine are in the garage on a shelf, spend a little/lot more you are better off.

Here is a CNET forum on Life Expectancy for surge protectors…

I am debating linking this to a friend who just lost most of his electronics in a lighting strike. I could just get one for him… The wounds left by a melted xbox and TV are probably painful enough without me rubbing salt into them.

I don’t recommend this type of surge protection for expensive computer, stereo, or other high-end electronic devices… rather I would consider an Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS as it is commonly known, to protect your investment…

I echo Bruce’s comments. When I rewired my house the licensed electrician explained it in simple terms to me. Lightning takes the course of least resistence. Power lines are usually buried below the frost line (several feet down) while cable and phone wires are buried closer to the surface. Lighting will usually follow those wires first and burn electronics. Without a battery backup to surpress the surge you are screwed.

This unit has 4320 Joules…

One joule in everyday life is approximately:

* the energy required to lift a small apple one meter straight up.
* the energy released when that same apple falls one meter to the ground.
* the energy released as heat by a person at rest, every hundredth of a second.

* **one hundredth of the energy a person can receive by drinking a drop of beer.**

* the kinetic energy of an adult human moving at a speed of about a handspan every second.
* the kinetic energy of a tennis ball moving at 23 km/h (14 mph)

Edit: The above info from Wiki

Folks, this is not a lightening arrestor. It will not protect you from a strike. This is the biggest misconception about these types of products. These really are meant to protect you from power surges on your AC lines, and any other static hits on Telco and coaxial lines. A surge is that phenom that happens when your power dips out and back on. When the lines come back up they will be much hotter than the 110V you need. The surge protectors will absorb the excess.

If you live in an area that is classified as a secondary electric service area, then you probably have lots of these brown-outs throughout the year - not just from lightening. A good wind storm knocking trees into power lines will either take out the power or cause several brown outs as the grid tries to recover. These surges are beating up your electrical equipment whether or not they are turned on. Again, these surge protectors will help. I have single outlet ones on my microwave, the new washer that is programmable, my wifi equipment, etc. Anything that is electronic and/or programmable should get one.

I can’t speak to the quality of this unit, but if you’re now using nothing, this has to be a step up. As for UPS systems - they do not help to protect from surges any better. All they do is keep your computers from crashing from a loss of power so you can gracefully shut them down. I do have one on my AV system to protect my TiVO which is a computer in its own right.

And yes, surge protectors do have a life outside of Woot. :wink: They can only absorb so many spikes before the part that does the job literally burns out. They also as they get near their end of life become weaker thus not protecting as well as the number of surges it protects you from increase. Thats why there’s the little light - when it goes out, no more protection. Once that happens, they become a basic power strip with no more protection. Keep an eye on those little lights whenever you have any power issues. When they go out, you should go out too and pick up a replacement.

The child safety outlets and the extra spaces between the three outlets are very handy. Thanks so much!