Philips 8-Outlet Home Theater Surge Protector Woot Info Post
you just lost the game at!

Philips 8-Outlet Home Theater Surge Protector [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Philips SPP1135WA/17 8-Outlet 4320 Joules Home Theater Surge Protector

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SRSLY did they buy a surge protector warehouse?

speaking of power strips


This is just plain absoludicrous.

Oh, goodie! I was hoping they’d have a surge protector!

is anyone else watching caddyshack on AMC?

I bought 2 of these last time they were up. Great value. They retail for $50 at Wally world!!

Yayyyy i was praying for a surge protector!

Maybe Woot! been hacked :-0

Bag O’ Crap

Can this handle the 1.21 gigawatts needed by my Mr. Fusion?

Shut up and buy one… you need one, maybe 12, so buy, buy, buy…

This is just what I needed to complete my surge protector octopus! I’ve purchased 3 of every single one and will hook them into eachother, then wrap it in christmas lights then throw it into a room full of highly flammable materials.

The retail for $20 on Amazon…

Damn, I actually wanted this but by the time I checked Amazon it was gone :frowning:

I have one of these! I think I paid twice that for it at Fry’s Electronics. My expensive electronics have survived for about 3 years on it. The only complaint: it’s a little hard to get it in, the plugs I mean. Yes, yes, that’s what she said, I know.

Hey, this woot-off sucks. All I really want is fifty cameras and a dozen surge suppressors…

c’mon woot, make it happen!