Philips 80 Watt Power Inverter



Would this even power a laptop?..


can this power my laptop?


This link to froogle says “Click me!”


Very tempting. Still have a few power inverters I pulled from the melted vectors.


Hmmm… Depending upon its quality, this could be a good deal.


some. check the intake on your power supply.



and no.


Hmmmm, I am big into tailgating but I doubt this would run anything that I would want to bring with me.


I have this, and it powers my laptop just fine, but I only have a 65W power supply for my Compaq laptop. If you have a really powerful laptop, you’ll probably need something a little stronger.


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Philips 80 Watt Power Inverter
$5.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Philips SCP5080/17 80 Watt Power Inverter


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In for 2


Guess that answers my other question:

“but will it blend?..”


Don’t have a cell phone charger in your car? - Here ya go! In for 3!


1.7 A = 170w, or close to it.So NO.


What can you power with 80 Watts? Probably an mp3 player charger or something of that nature. Nothing with a motor.


I’m a complete noob so I apologize, but am I need a cell phone recharger for my car, and this seems like a cheap alternative. Just plug this in and plug my phone into the actual charger. So this may not work for a laptop but would it work for the much less instense cell phone?


Bought 1


Unless you have a beastly desktop replacement laptop, this should power most laptops fine. My Dell laptop pulls about 35W idle and 50-55W at load.