Philips 9" Portable DVD Player

Had the 10" version - worked a treat… great screen. Might bite again except with a tablet it is sortof obsolete.

Arugh!!! I even bought the water bottles. Give us the Bag of Crap!


what’s next? walkmans?

Why does the wootoff tracker show the new item 10 seconds before I am able to see it? This a firefox thing or what?

I’d rather have DIVX movies on my netbook.

With the inexpensiveness of new DVD players, is it really worth getting a refurbished one?

In for 3.

Ugh. I missed out on the waterbottles for this?

Greeeaattt now I want a Mercedes Benz. Thanks for the write-up.


Wow, another useless item

Woot, you’re such a tease :wink:

Will the Bag of c be on soon?

Bought one new for Xmas for the wife. They have impressive battery power - 5 hours basically means 5 hours. Video quality could be better but is far from junk. Solid purchase for someone looking to keep kids entertained on a drive for sure.

What happened to the wootalyzer posting the price, did amazon do away with it? That thing was excellent.

[link=]Overstock had these for $77.99[/link], so this sounds like a decent deal (if you’re into that kind of thing).

more like minutes

C’mon, woot… you’re so 2000 and late.

No Bag Of Crap today, two day Woot-Off? Usually they only go off during the hour of 4PM (EST) Could be throwing us off though!