Philips Active Noise Canceling Headphones

The reviews for these ones on Buzzillions aren’t too great.

3 stars on average from Amazon reviewers.

what are they trying to draw with the headphone cords?

a bird?

a face with a huge ear?


That’s what I am thinking, too!
Did they mean to do that? So cute.

Can I use these on an airplane WITHOUT music, just to cancel the noise? How long will they run on one battery? Enough to cross an ocean?

So you guys are selling an outline of a monster?

I mean, that’s all I s-- oh.

Yes, they do work as headphones when the batteries are dead.

An interesting review I found on amazon:

i have tinitus, will the noise canceling headphones stop that ringing in my ears?

The black headphones Won’t match your white iPod.


I see profile of a bunny rabbit sitting up.

Wahh, wahh, wahh, wahh!
I agree.

I owned these and they are horrible. Battery box is big and bulky, with awkward amounts of cord on either end. Made a horrible hiss constantly. I bought some nice sennheiser passive that work amazing.

Griffin TuneBuds. IMO, best stereo phones for $30. The iPhone version is even better because the cord has a nylon fabric sheath.

and if you still have a coupon code, take 5 bucks off

Looks like a water bird taking flight.

I was thinking the enigizer bunny… without the drum

I use the Philips SHE9500 religiously, some of the best earbuds for cheap you’ll find, replacing them about once ever 6 months (i use them a lot, they get wear and tear like no other), anyone know how these compare?

Got these 2 years ago for $26.47 when I was flying a lot for work. They’re not the best noise-cancelling headphones, but they work well enough. The small in-ear size allows them to fit nicely in backpacks/briefcases. At the time, I considered them a great deal for 26 bucks.

If you fly/bus/train/subway a lot, this will be the best $8 investment you ever make.

Don’t be ridiculous. Maybe Odie with a sock over one ear but it’s obviously a swan weather vane.

Philips FAQ will answer questions about problems with them… and questions about functionality.