Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game

wow i thought 99.99 was an awesome deal and picked it up… but jesus!.. almost want to buy a second

From what I remember from last time, someone posted regarding this having absolutely No 64-Bit support.

Will this function the same if used w/ an Xbox 360???

Here’s the link to this when it was on Woot awhile back. Pretty good comments.

Speakers might, otherwise no. It depends on drivers.

yes it does have 64bit support, however there is no windows 7 support, and as far as 360 support not of yet… unless you feed it through a capture card and tell it to use directX …

I used the ambient light technology (no speakers) on my visit 64 bit system, and it works great… gah i wanna buy the whole dang set now…

It should be noted that these are the ones with the speakers. The ones that were up a few weeks ago (here) did not have them.

Is it Mac compatible?

Tom Clancy’s Hawx @ Walmart costs 49.99 still by me. Even if your not into gimicky stuff, the speakers are easily worth more than 20 and then you need to add the other games into it… assuming you’d play them.

Great deal here people!

Dang, wish I had money ; ;.

NOOO!!! I just bought the Speaker/Light set a couple weeks ago for $75 + $22 shipping…

Edit: This is a really good deal. The lights are awesome and everyone I show them too wants a set themselves. I actually sold my first set to one of my buddies. Never used the fans or rumble pad though.

Great reviews at Tiger

Updated drivers at

i got the $50 light-sonly version w/ HAWX

from reviews, the rumble bar is pretty useless, so you’re basically getting 2 speakers, fans, and a few more games for $20 more.

assuming you won’t be playing TOCA racing and the other games considering that there’s much better games out there, it’s basically $20 for fans and speakers. and assuming you have decent speakers, you won’t want to “downgrade” them with these, which I’ve heard mixed reviews on. especially if you have 4.1, 5.1 speakers (which if you’re someone who’s considering this, you probably do…or you use headphones). so you’re left with $20 fans haha.

I picked up the AmbX lighting-only package from normal.woot when it last ran. Instead of dumping it into a gaming system, I plugged the rig into my media center and use it for ambient lighting! It’s oddly satisfying and a reasonable way to enhance viewing. This package may not be particularly well suited to that need, though.

On the upside of things, this one is better suited to PC gaming. I’d gladly buy the same package again if I had the need.

The Broken Sword link is broken. If you want to find out info on this game here is the Wiki:

ambx is sweet i have the starter kit that i got for 50 bucks on sellout a month ago i love it ya everyone says that hawx is worth 50 bucks but lets face it hawx sucks. so do the other games it comes with. i play wow with ambx enabled and i love it i wish this would have been out before the one i bought i easily would buy this one instead. BUY IT WOOT COMMANDS YOU

Check out these awesome videos of it working.

I’m in for one just so I can have a rave in my bedroom at night. Or else it would be good for lighting during the intimate moments with the gal pal.