Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game

Anyone know how this thing sounds?

so does anyone know if this is worth a damn in any way at all?

It got an 8.5 on i4u:

Oh, and new, $170 on Amazon…That’s quite a savings!

Picked one up the last time it was on here. Runs just fine with Windows 7 x64 if you follow the instructions on Philips’ wiki.

Highly recommend this set for anyone looking for a decent set of speakers. The lights are awesome even for everyday computer use outside of games!

i almost bought it last time, might almost buy it again tonight :confused:

is it worth it for the speakers and the game, and does it come with the mouse?

And in case anyone was wondering, here is the manufacturer’s website (With a tech demo of sorts):

Doesn’t come with a mouse.

I was on the fence too, and I have absolutely no regrets. Probably the best deal I’ve ever gotten from Woot.

Looks awesome! I have been waiting for this to come back up on w00t.

In for one!

What’s the impedance?

fml thats a game disc not a mouse lol

will sit on it tonight, probably buy it tomorrow if its still here :slight_smile:

4.1 average stars from Buzzillions…

88/100 average from ALatest.,35/

No brainer for me. XMAS shopping part way done for the 11 year old. WOOT!

Wasn’t this $10 cheaper last time it was on?

Same price, actually. I remember paying $75 after shipping.

How do the speakers sound? And is it possible to just have the fans on all the time… to cool down my face?

I purchased this system last time woot offered it and it was totally worth it. I’m actually considering getting another one and hooking them together

anyone that has this or a varient of it wanna give me a reason to pull the trigger… or even better… a reason not to pull the trigger =P

Does this work as a surround system?

Comments, comments, comments from the last time this wooted!