Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game Woot Info Post - how many licks does it take?

Philips amBX Premium Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy’s HAWX PC Game [New] - $69.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Philips amBX Gaming PC peripherals SGC5103BD Premium Kit, 1 * Tom Clancy’s HAWX Video Game for PC (Full Version)

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iPod Touch, schmiPod Schmouch
It won’t help you escape my nefarious weather machine.

Whoever doesn’t have this, buy it. Now. You shan’t be disappointed! It’s great, and I’m serious here.

Got this when it was up on regular woot… LOVE IT!!!


i have this, its really good. I won it in a contest, it used to retail for close to 300

that was fast

I got two sets, love them so much I’m considering a third.

Looks like swap meet nigger shit

Shit! Its out!

work on a mac?

People sure buy a lot of crap fast.

lol nevermind this already sold out before I could get my first message across.

HAWX is not to be confused with Tony HAWK’S Pro Skater.

What? Do they have like 1 of each item for this woot-off?

Think I saw this new on another site that sounds like “knee-clay” for less than 60 shipped.

This is a good kit. I got the exact same thing on woot back when it was $100. My only problem: I upgraded to windows 7 and I no longer have any drivers. Has this been updated yet?

That was junk I said not scaffolding.

Yes go check out the website and download the latest updates. I have it now working on a 64 bit system, althought the effects only work with 32 bit apps (Windows Media players still works)