Philips amBX Starter Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game

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New Philips amBX Starter Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy’s HAWX PC Game, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
2 different products:[list][] 1x Philips SGC5101BD/27 amBX Peripherals Starter Kit
] 1x Tom Clancy’s Hawx Game for PC (Full version on DVD)

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i have this setup and absolutely love the light show.

There’s one 5 star review on Amazon.

Average review on Alatest is 93/10.,35/

AMAZING! That’s 9300% positive!

Have one, love it. Nuff said.

So does this work with other games, or just these two? Or, is it merely audio-based? I’m somewhat confused on the whole functionality of the item.

Not much to compare it to, but here’s the Froogle.

The system is cheaper, but with the game it’s a better deal here.

Can you hook up more than one of these to a single computer at a time? I picked one up last time and think two together would be even better!

So, this is JUST the lights, right? Nothing here actually works as a speaker, making any noise?

is this video representative of what it does?

here is an amBX-deluxe variation review which needs to be translated - begin translating now until the teacher says ‘pencils down’

Looks cool on YouTube.

That is correct. Here’s the comparison of amBX systems.

Very useful list of compatible games.

I bought two sets of this exact model last time it was offered on sellout.woot - and I love it! Totally worth it, even if it is just a silly “extra” to add.

It has a minimal footprint that nestled easily onto my existing desk setup. It makes watching anime (or anything else) in VLC really come alive and light up. Also works well in Valve games such as Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2.

Oh, and can you say “mood lighting”? You can create custom profiles - and customize each of the 5 different “zones” - Left satellite, Right satellite, and Left, center, and Right on the “wall washer” unit. So, you can have reds and oranges for a fiery feel, or blues and purples for a more crystalline cool feel.

For $50, if you appreciate mood tones and light shows, try it out. If you don’t like it, eBay it.

Few questions:
Will this while watching movies?
And can it be hooked up to, say, an ipod dock for mood lighting? (i noticed in some reviews it says it can with music, but im not sure if thats just for connection to the computer)

Yes, they are set up so that you can install a second unit. It’s USB and extensible to as many additional units as you desire. You can set 2 satellites in front and 2 behind you, etc. I haven’t tested it myself, but read it in the instructions.

i sooooooooo cant wait for halloween with my setup…muahahahahaaha

I think someone mentioned before when this first came around it has absolutely no support for Win64.

They work directly with various programs on your PC. It’s not directly from the audio-out on your audio card, per se. But in the utility program that comes with it, it has a profile page that seems to detect programs it can pull info from, like various media players. I know for sure that VLC works (must set it to OpenGL mode, but works fine that way for me).

For games, it seems the procedure is fire up a game, then exit. Doing so adds it to the amBX profile screen where you can then enable it. Not all games work of course - check that compatibility list to see what DOES work. Same thing goes for media/video players - google around to see if your fav programs work. Like google “VLC amBX” for directions on that program.

That help any?