Philips amBX Starter Gaming Kit with Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Game

Movies: yep! As long as your media player of choice is compatible. Sniff around, you’ll find some. coughVLCcough

It only works when hooked up to a computer, so you can’t buddy it up with your 360 or PS3 (though amBX may be coming to PS3 someday on its own lineup). However, come to think of it, you may be able to pipe audio in and have it play through a media player… but not sure how feasible that would be.

So the direct answer is, no not with a dock. At least, not that I can tell…

I have a macbook, but vmware fusion with windows- would i have to switch over to use these lights (even if i use VLC) and even if i do switch over would it work on fusion?

Also, hopefully last question, would this work with itunes or just wmp

I have one of these runs fine on 64-bit Vista.
The lightshows are kinda cool but i say it’s reaction time is a bit to slow at times. Like rapid flashes of gunfire it will just gloss over it completely or be at a delay going through it.
However though I still recommend it. Make sure you get 2 or 3 if you are hooking it up to a bigscreen tv though.

coughvlcsuckscough Any true anime fan would watch using CCCP.
MPC also compatible w/ AMBX if you set the correct output in options.

Regarding Mac, it seems to be strictly PC-only. Some people in Mac forums were murmuring about maybe getting it to work, but I’m not a Mac guy so I didn’t read into it. It does seem to work when running XP on a Mac though.

Not sure if something like vmware fusion would work, but since it’s running Windows I would want to think it would. But can’t back it up.

As for iTunes, I read this in a forum after some quick searching. “yes it does work and it works amazingly beautiful with the visualizer!” So there you have it. :smiley:

Hope this helps, mate. :slight_smile:

I bought this system when it was on woot, but it was the premium kit. I am running Vista 64-bit, and it works like a pro! No compatibility issues whatsoever with 64-bit.

any comment on the sound quality for these things?

I believe the only things being sold here are the lights

This blog post has some nice pictures of a disassembled wall washer amBX unit

It also looks like tigerdirect has the same thing (don’t know if it comes with H.A.W.X. or not) for $39.99 + shipping (17.76 to California) so the woot isn’t really that good of a deal if the Tiger Direct one comes with the same game package… YMMV.

I got the package on a previous woot deal and haven’t gotten around to installing it on my computer yet, so don’t have any hands on comments.

it says lights with digital music though O_O

Thanks Bandrik for the help.
Just very disappointed it is not compatible with mac!
Not sure I’d use it much if i’d have to switch over to vmware XP all the time…

Cool speakers!

But I need a light show. Anyone know where I can get one to go with these speakers?

I have this kit on a Vista 64 install. I haven’t had any issues with it. Works on quite a few different games. Far Cry, FC 2, Crysis, HAWX (Hawx + 47" tv and Saitek Pro = the best setup), and a few other games with patches.

It works great and if I wasn’t getting some other stuff, I would get another full set to hook up to my computer.

Also there is no sounds. It is JUST the left and right light with a center flood light. No sound.

If this is the set that comes with the speakers, I’d be all over it.

These do work with Vista x64. There was some discussion last time as to whether or not they work with a 64bit os, but as of the last version of the firmware (available on the ambx website) it works fine without any problem.

I have two sets hooked up to my 37" HDTV and they look phenomenal. (They only work when I stream video to my tv - they don’t interface wit the tv signal.) The software works with Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, VLC, Zune, iTunes, etc…

I mentioned that I have two sets - you can easily hook up multiple sets, so, if you want more of a bold setup, you can hook up several of these guys together and paint the whole side of the room with light.

Overall, I think these are a great addition to a home theater set up! Go for it - you won’t be disappointed!

I bought one of these last time it was on sellout.woot and fell in love with it. I tore my set apart and stuck it in one of my Neo Geo upright arcade cabinets. ( Ambx works great with MAME). I just bought 2 more sets from TigerDirect for 39.99 yesterday, so this really isn’t an earthshattering deal. Still, the $5 shipping beats $15 from TD.

Oh, a Kankakee shout out!

But if you want the extension kit (part SGC6101BD) that adds the fans and wrist rumble, where do you get it? It isn’t even on Ebay, and Amazon is out.

Its would be kind of a shame to not get the full experience. I might go ahead and get a 2nd set for my HTPC. I’d only need one extension kit.

I hear the fans are kind of neat, so consider looking for just those. The rumble wristpad… I’ve only heard negative about. Things like “it’s uncomfortable”, “it’s noisy when vibrating” and “it vibrates too much; distracting”. Just my two cents if it saves you money.

You’re quite welcome. It seems that these are focused around PC gaming (while jumping on media players as an extra bonus), so that would explain its PC exclusivity. Sorry about losing out on the experience, but I guess that’s just how amBX rolls.

I’d say with about a $50 game that has 4/5 stars and released very recent, it’s actually a very good deal.