Philips Android-Powered 16GB Media Player

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Philips Android-Powered 16GB Media Player
$109.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Oh god… this again.

Embarrassing, really.


This is pretty cool since it has the Android Market. (Google Play)

If only it had better than Android 2.3 on it.

Ipods out, androids in!

Ipods out, androids in!

ah, there it is…where’s my roomba?

woot staff is going to lunch

Is this capacitive touch? Definitely getting a few for the kids if so. Add the Market and it becomes a nice little game machine.

If we keep letting the Androids power everything, they are bound to go bad eventually! Did nobody see Aliens?!

I don’t want “Philips Songbird” proprietary software… I just want to drag and drop my music files through Windows. Is that too much to ask?

I’m sorry but I will never buy another Philips product again after several breakdowns and the amount of Philips refurbs on here. What bloody Hhell is this?

with all that cell phones have today, does anyone use things like this? i can watch movies, youtube, netflix, listen to music, all from my phone. do i need another thing clunking in my pocket?

Why is there such a LAG between Wootalyzer displaying the next woot and woot site updating to the next woot. Wootalyzer is usually much quicker (~30 seconds) than F5’ng in the browser.

Does this affect scoring a BOC? As if wootalyzer is jumping the gun b4 the site causing a lock-out?

Great for kids to young for an actual cellphone and parents to cheap for an iPod Touch.

And why would I need this if I have a Smart phone?

Clearly, the woot writers are off their leash today :slight_smile:

We only have to worry about that if the Androids were the A-2 model.