Philips Audio 2.1 Channel Soundbar & Subwoofer

Philips Audio 2.1 Channel Soundbar & Subwoofer

What are the sound bars dimensions, as well as the subwoofer?

Main Unit (W x H x D)
960 x 63 x 76.5 mm

Subwoofer (W x H x D)
155 x 252 x 205 mm

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We live in America, as I believe Thunderthighs and Woot do. Of course I can Google the answer, but why do you give the dimensions in metric, as opposed to the inches and feet that we Americans love so much? And understand.

Talk to the manufacturers. We use what they state. Converting each sale could introduce errors.

Soundbar speaker HTL1520B/37 | Philips

Until then, the googles can help with conversions.

Personally, I find metric increments to be way more precise

How is that possible? Whether it’s metric or imperial, there are always little spaces between the markings. That’s the only way a measurement of any kind could be imprecise, if it falls between the markings. No method is perfect, unless it is an electronically calibrated device doing the measuring. Even then, the human hand and eye is part of the process, so error is still possible.