Philips Aurelle LED Deck Lighting Kit

Could be good for me cause I’ve got a BIG deck!!!..

this is the same price as when it was for sale on reg less than a month ago

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New Philips Aurelle LED Deck Lighting Kit, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips Aurelle LED Decklights

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Yeah and it didn’t do too well, either. Deck lighting is a very handyman/ difficult thing to do so it’s a very niche kind of thing. At first glance, I though it was a woot off.

I got 3 last time (honest to God) and Ive been wanting to install them on my home theater to make the mod… I just have not had the time to do the project…
These are very easy to connect and install… just get the correct drill bit and youre done!

ok i love Zep as much as any other guy, but Woot seriously, if you guys re-write stairway for purposes of wooting I will be saddened by a lack of originality. Maybe this is the most appropriate reproduction, seeing as it is stairway lighting, but seriously you guys have done it like 9 times that i know of (which is sad I’m even aware of that). come on woot restore my faith in the. i did really enjoy the summary you had on the yahoo page though, well done.

I’m thinking of getting a set for my reef tank. Anyone know the watts of the LEDs?

~.05 watts

Hmmm. I’m thinking these might be just right for low lighting in my basement.

I like the home theater idea. too.

I installed a set of these in my deck a few years ago with mixed results.

The installation was easy,assuming you have the correct drill bits needed - there are two widths to drill.

By now, I would say a third of the lights have stopped working. I’m assuming that is do to moisture and the elements rather than LED burnout.

Also, the remote is really a pain and sometimes I need to press the button a few dozen times and move around to find the “right spot” before they toggle on or off, and yes - I have changed out the batteries in the remote.

That said, I paid ~$100 for the set back then and I am debating picking up a new set at this price to swap in since when they are working they’re actually pretty cool.

Finally, The light they give off is bright enough to be noticed, but you won’t be reading by it.

Great timing… Not!

Summer is about over…

bummer…already out of white…

My Dad bought a set of these last time they were on Woot for his new deck we are building. They are not too hard to install but they do take a bit of time to get the holes right. We used two different forstner bits to countersink them into the posts of the deck a few inches above the deck surface so they will shine out over the deck. We then used one really long spade bit to drill up the middle of the post from the bottom to hide the wire.

We were also not to keen on using a remote to turn the lights on. To get around the remote issue, I modded the LED power supply yesterday so that they can be tied into his other 12v light set. (the other light set uses a timer and an photo sensitive eye to control when they are on so we can set them to turn on at dusk and off at midnight)

Here are the steps I used to mod the power supply. I removed the cover and analyzed the circuit to see how I could bypass the remote. I cut the heatshrink off of the low voltage output side and slid two more wires (a red and a black) through the tube so the low voltage side now has 5 wires (a black and grey for the LED lights, a red antenna wire which is probably not visible on most sets, and a black and red for the mod). Then I bought a 12v 1A micro relay from Radio shack. I connected the two wires added earlier to the coil on the relay and then two other wires onto the normally open contacts on the relay. I soldered one of those two wires onto the ground output for the LED lights and one onto the input terminal on the transistor near the end of the ground circuit on the board. (this is what the remote switches to turn the lights on) Now when his other 12v light set turns on, this set will turn on as well. Because the other set has a timer and a photo eye, it seemed best to mod the LED light set and use the timer and eye to control when the lights are on. This method could also be used to tie multiple sets together but the remote receiver would need to be disabled on each modded set for it to always work correctly.

Philips product links:

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Correct me if I’m wrong here, but wouldn’t it have been easier to disable the remote all together and just hook the power supplies to a light switch? I am getting ready to remodel a house I just purchased and will have the walls open. Could I just put a switched outlet outside and do this? I have no knowledge or skills when it comes to electronics, but if it only requires breaking something (remote switch) I think I can handle it.

Yes, that would have been easier but we did not want to switch the 120 volt side. The location where the power supplies are being installed already has a non-switched circuit and it was far easier to mod the power supply with a relay than to fish in a new wall switch. (it took about 25 - 30 minutes to add a relay and cost about $4.50; Adding a switch to an insulated exterior wall would have taken a few hours and cost a lot more with the high costs of romex these days.) Now if your walls are open, that will be a lot easier and much nicer to have a switch for controlling the lights.

To bypass the remote and set the light set up for a switched outlet, one only has to bypass the transistor that switches the lights on and off. If you take the cover off the transformer box, loosen up the nuts that hold the cables in and push in a little slack. Pull the circuit board out and look at the bottom. If you look at the board with the radio up, there should be a transistor in the upper left hand corner where the low voltage wires connect to the board. You may want to verify with your multimeter but all that is required is add a jumper wire from the upper transistor terminal to the black low voltage output wire. This will bypass the remote functionality and then either the outlet it plugs into can be switched or the plug can be cut off and hard wired into a switched circuit.

Thank you very much. Woot should thank you too, now I’m in for 3!!

I got these off woot a while back. They are really nice. I installed them under my hand railing. They provide a nice light on the deck face. They are not bright. It is enough light to navigate around, but not strong enough were neighbors could see you. They are worth 50$. Made my neighbors with decks jealous. You can run 20 lights off one transformer

previously listed on for the same price


white led sold out ;(