Philips Aurelle LED Deck Lighting Kit

I have read all the comments, and several talk about drilling. I built over a 500sq ft deck last summer out of Lowes composite decking material (cost between $3,000-$4,000) and am VERY concerned about actually drilling in the decking to install this. It looks like something that would be perfect for my deck, but I cannot see myself damaging the deck itself for something that may not last (as I read in a previous post). Is there a way to install these without actually drilling into the decking, or is that pointless? Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks. I really want to jump on this because it would make my deck look great, but the actual installing make me leary.

They are easy to install. Go get two drill bits per the instructions. On the bigger drill bit put some tape at the correct depth and drill the first hole. Then finish off with the smaller bit.
The 2 bits of advice I will give are

  1. Find a way to mount the power pack inside then run the low voltage wire outside. I have mine coming out of the bulkhead near the wall. It seems to work better than trying to find a place to plug it in outside and ensuring it remains waterproof.
  2. Make sure the wire is fully inserted into the connector. If you just put the wire into the connector it is possible to crimp down on it without hitting the wire. If you use a small screw driver or nail to push the wire into the connector then crimp it you will get a nice click. Very simple but easy to miss it the first couple of times. Check the first light when you install them and you should be allset.

A very easy setup that makes the deck look very nice.

I got these off of Woot and had the same concern. Just to test it out, I measured and cut out long pieces of narrow wood at Home Despot, coated them with marine spar varnish, installed the lights in a row, and affixed this to the deck, out of the way of foot traffic. The exercise gave me a better sense of ease of installation, look, brightness, spacing, etc. but it looks good enough to keep it that way. From my experience though, I’d install directly. Its cake if you have the right bits to drill holes, and the flush mounted look is very nice.

i got 2 sets of these in white last time they were on woot. after buying them i was happy to learn that you can actually hook up to 20 lights into a single box.

now i just have to wait till the deck is done to install them. 20 lights should be good for a 230 sq. ft. deck :wink:

Thanks. I still don’t like the idea of actually drilling into my deck though. I’m still contemplating now if I want to add to my woot total. Thanks goodness it’s not a woot-off and I have time to decide. Great deal regardless.

What? A Led Zeppelin tribute without a oblique reference to the Lord of the Rings? Really now!

kinda wish people didnt use these.

(i did buy them last time, but they will go into my basement stairs)

Got mine - pretty cool. The housing looks pretty water tight but disassembles easily. Each LED is mounted on a small PCB - smaller than a dime all together. I pulled one out of the bunch and connected it to a 9V battery - worked great and fairly bright, even brighter out of the housing.

I hoping to wire them in on my boat (12v DC) and maybe use a few for home theater mood lighting.