Philips Aurelle LED Deck Lighting Kit

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New Philips Aurelle LED Deck Lighting Kit, for $34.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips Aurelle Blue LED Decklights

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weren’t these usually $45 on here, prices going down?!

wow. there are some really great reviews for this thing on amazon…

Under Features:

I don’t think they’re white. If they are, someone should fix the song…

I have to get these!
But first I need to buy a deck. When will Woot sell me a deck to light?

first wooter to woot= directive24, last wooter to woot= directive32… refresh then last wooter to woot= directive34…I wonder how many accts. this guy has? Prob. safe to say he’s in CA since it’s the brightest state on the map right now. Probably also a safe bet that he’s buying 3 each time since 72% have bought 3.

EDIT: last wooter to woot= directive37… if he has accounts for every number between 24-37 that’s 14 orders of 3 so far= 42 sets!

I wonder if you can swap out the blue LED’s for red LED’s and use these in a media room for low level emergency lighting?

I wouldn’t see why not. Heck – it might even just be a blue plastic housing that you could swap out and a white LED underneath…

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I don’t lurk in the comments very often. What is the point of the Yahoo! image link below the Google chart? You click on it and it just opens the tiniest iframe known to man for the Yahoo! front page…

I clicked on it with Firefox 3.0 and it opened a search bar…

This is what I get with FF3 on XP SP3. Clicky below for the full image.

Dang! That guy has a freakishly large deck to light up.

would these things work indoors in a small room? how big are the lights themselves?

They actually would. They are about 1" round. Think about the light from a small LED nightlight. Now turn on 10 of them. I wouldn’t read by them, but should be a nice ambient light.

This is my 3rd purchase of 3 and have been VERY pleased with them. The other sets went outside. These are going to be for ambient lighting inside.

Yea a same here and if u center click it and drag it around its the yahoo homepage

So are these white LEDs with blue covers or blue LEDs? I really don’t want blue, I want red but white would be OK. If they were just blue covers I could do as someone else suggested and use red covers because I also intend on using them indoors so they don’t need to be weathertight.

Anybody that purchased these in the past know?

No, he has a lot of ebay customers to sell to.

If you look at his store, you’ll see lots of woot items (even the orange caped woot monkey from the last woot-off).

Hey woot, doesn’t having multiple accounts constitute “woot abuse”?

I plan on mounting these as ambient lighting in my ceiling accoustical tiles in my home theater/rec room. Missed 'em during the woot-off, glad they’re available here. Should install easily *fingers crossed.

He is even using the same stock photo. Shameless.

In his defense, from the Woot FAQ: “…we recommend selling your unwanted woot on eBay. You’ll probably wind up making a profit on the deal.”