Philips Aurelle LED Deck Lighting Kit

Would anyone know if they are weathertight enough to be mounted upside down under a deck? I would like to provide some lighting to assist parking a boat under a second floor deck at night. The remote control would be a plus.

The “Light Module” description and the song say blue. Probably blue

Actually, what we don’t know is Directive is actually WOOT. and they are making a profit on EBay since at such great deals, WOOT would go broke in hours. Yep… that is it… Wohoo! Go WOOT! Wait… maybe not… Or maybe. Muuhahahhaha

It’s not the size of the deck that matters, it’s knowing how to use it.

Might be white LEDs, I had a thought that they were cheaper. This really isn’t the case.

Retails for more than $100, this seems like a big one for the eBay sellers.

Well, I’m in for two. i’ll be mounting them upside-down in my patio covers for some cool mood light. Even the wife approved of this Woot.

A reviewer on the link said that’s what they did. and that’s what I intend to do. If the bottoms don’t appear sealed sufficiently, a little dab of silicone will do nicely.

That’s right, kingboyj. At least, that is what I tell the guys with a small deck.

maybe but if a guy has a big deck he will want it well lit to show off to his neighbors with the small deck :wink:

Would like to see more pictures of how these look on someone’s deck. My concern is how the wiring looks running across the deck. Will you have to drill holes in the deck to fit these into? Is there another site I can visit to obtain a clearer picture?

Read some of the reviews mentioned above. One guy tells you what size drill bits you’ll need.

Eeek, I have woot-off nightmares of this one.

My fav is: If you trim the bushes around your deck, it’ll make it look bigger.

The light kits come in either blue or white. There is no colored lense and the LED housing appears to be sealed. Philips lists a separate order number for each color (kit.) Here is a link to the product spec sheet Too bad Woot isn’t selling the white LEDs; I would have been in-for-three.

lol thats classic. im ganna c if i can get the audio at the least on my cell. hehehe. id love some deck jokes when people call.

Mine arrived without instructions. No instructions to be found on the net. Anyone wanna scan in installation guide for me?

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