Philips Avance Collection Pasta Maker White

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So, I got one of these for Christmas. Honestly, I wasn’t terribly enthused about it, as the last thing I needed was another appliance, and pasta is a simple, if messy, affair.

Man, was I ever wrong. This thing is AMAZING. It’s dead simple to use, the pasta that comes out of it is absolutely perfect, it comes with a number of extrusion plates and there are a number of other ones you can purchase so it makes a crapload of different noodle types, cleanup takes less than 5 minutes, and quite honestly, it’s faster than using boxed pasta given that fresh pasta takes less time to cook and between that cook time and the time it takes to extrude, it’s less than boiling dried. It’s a pricey one, but worth every penny, IMO

While I’ve seen chefs make thick pasta with nothing but dough, a roller and a knife, I must say that fresh pasta from any means is like the difference between instant coffee and a really good shot of espresso!

Has anyone used this to make pasta with whole grain flour? How well does that work?

It looks like one of the dies in the close ups is pictured twice (looks like macaroni?) and that the one in the machine in the main image is not pictured close up at all. Not that it will make any difference to me. As much as I really WANT this, I cannot justify $200 even for an automatic pasta maker. :frowning:

I agree… I desperately want one of these, but There’s no way I could spend $200 on one. Maybe someday… :slight_smile:

If the definition of “Factory Reconditioned” as defined by woot, is as close to new without being technically new and the “ORIGINAL Manufacture stands by it with a warranty”, why is this only a woot 90-day limited warranty?

Seems like woot is in conflict here?

Need a ruling on the field Ref!

Note*- Philips is 1 year and with Discover Card you get an additional year…*