Philips Avance Collection Pasta Maker White

I just received one of these from the last time Woot offered it, and it rocks. A very solid machine, quick pasta (under 10 minutes), and clean up is not bad. Mine was also factory reconditioned but appears to be as good as new.

I’m so torn on this machine. I have to use it like 5 times a year to make it worth it. Which shouldn’t be too hard.

You pay forty bucks for a pound of pasta?
Hmm, I have a rolling pin and USPS will ship a pound of pasta for five bucks - let me know what you’d like!

Haha that is a good point. I did ended up ordering the machine. I can see myself using it a lot actually. I have a manual pasta roller but we don’t use it often enough. I think this will help make the pasta while I focus on sauces and sides.

Picked this one up last time. It is a great machine. The difference between fresh a dried pasta is dramatic. its a bit bulky, so be aware it eats a little bit of storage space.