Philips Avance Collection Pasta Maker White

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Philips Avance Collection Pasta Maker White
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I own this pasta maker, have for about 6 months. It was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I haven’t bought a single pack of premade pasta since. It’s super easy to use and super quick. Start boiling a pot of water when you’re getting the flour and egg/water together and as it’s done pressing the pasta out your water should be boiling. I highly recommend always using an egg/water combination and high quality baking flour. I tried it the first time with cheap flour and just water and it was really bland. Spend the extra few bucks and get the good stuff and eggs and it’s a world of difference. The only downside to this is the machine takes a little longer to clean. You have to take it apart and really get all the dough out before you want to use it again. Takes about 10ish minutes in total to clean start to finish. But definitely worth it. There are cheaper pasta makers out there like this one, but they have all plastic interiors and tend to break pretty quickly. This uses metal and feels very sturdy.

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Could you please tell the voltage is this 110v or 220v?

120 volts per Manual PDF

I own this from a previous woot, and it’s amazing. Dump in ingredients, turn on, cut pasta, cook pasta, eat pasta! 20min from start to finish.

I used it so much it broke in the first few months, and I got it fixed under warranty no problem (dunno if it’s the same refurb guys this time around tho)

Pro tip: wait until the dough has dried to clean it off and just pop or scrape it off with your fingers, way easier.

Also bought from a prior woot. Love this thing, very simple to use and makes great fresh pasta. I got new discs (angel hair and Pappardell) for Christmas and use it even more now. I have been using the Pappardelle disc and cutting short for soups.

Can we get a set of the Asian noodle discs on woot?

Hmmm…new model on Amazon $239. Should be more of a differential for refurbished with a lessor warranty.

I don’t think they even market them at all in NA. I got them off eBay, myself :slight_smile:

I bought one of these for my son and, once I saw it operate, bought another for myself. This is a magnificent device that ACTUALLY DOES what it is supposed to do. I’d like to add a couple of tips/observations:

  1. Philips had great customer service. The plastic mixing sleeve cracked at the corner within a month. I was all loaded for bear when I called customer service but; they were pleasant on the phone and immediately sent me a no cost replacement. Kudos, guys!

  2. Cleanup is actually pretty easy. As a previous poster noted, let it dry before you start to clean. I let it dry overnight. The next morning the dough easily comes off with your fingers and all you need to do is a simple wash in the sink. Be sure to look for the cleaning tool in the storage drawer. It looks like a wing with a spike coming out of either end. Those spike are used to clean the dough out of the extrusion dies. Again, wait until its dry and cleaning is a piece of cake, er, make that pasta.

  3. When making the pasta, follow the prescribed ratio of solid ingredients to water VERY precisely!!! If you add too much water a heavy dough forms that feeds very poorly into the extrusion screw. If you manage to get it through the pasta lumps together when cooked. Yuck. From my experience the mix should look a little dry before extrusion with lumps ranging from BB to pinto bean sizes.

  4. Have fun experimenting with the liquids you use. Instead of water I’ve used pure cranberry juice, basil suspension, and garlic juice- water mix. They all came out pretty good.

Bon appetit!

I received an email this AM from Sur la Table. This appliance was one of the items featured and was “on sale” for $299. There were about nine reviews and just about all of them were glowing. I was too cheap to pull the trigger but I am now and have.

This was my Christmas present last year. Incredibly easy to use. Pasta is not as tender as with a pasta roller, but is great when you’re in a hurry and don’t want a kitchen full of flour.