Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer - 2 Colors



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Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer - 2 Colors
Price: $169.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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6/24/2015 - $169.99 - Click To See Discussion (27 comments)


Bought one of these on a prior woot, actually a pretty good device, makes great fries, great chicken tenders…I fried dumplings in it the other night and they came out perfect.


Advantages of using one of these vs say… just baking with a spritz of oil on a non-stick pan?


These are hot!


I have thought about getting one of these for quite a while. I just have trouble figuring out if I can justify the cost versus how much fried food we actually may eat. My wife doesn’t fry things very often, but I believe this would be a healthier option for when she does. Conflicted. LOL


Seconded. Frying without oil sounds an awful lot like baking to me.


Room temp oil sprayed on food needs time for oven heat to be at cooking temperature, whereas the oil is already at cooking temperature when it hist the food. The difference is a soggy vs crisp texture.


bought one at last time it was available on woot. this thing is awesome. pretty much a convection oven. makes a killer grilled cheese, “fried” wings, fish, fries, so much more. I love this thing. helping me stay lean and mean while eating “fried food”


I bought one last time and absolutely love it. I actually bake potatos in it as well. More efficient than the oven.

I use it every other day. It DOES take up a lot of counter space…FYI.


If you’ve ever used a convection oven, you’ve probably noticed how the air circulation produced crispier oven-baked foods. Think of this as a convection oven on steroids. I’ve used your method and the fries were Ok, but they are still better fried. You may have justified the lack of quality because they were healthier, but this device gets rid of the need for justification.


Okay, you all pushed me over the edge so I ordered one. I really hope my wife likes it and doesn’t beat me over the head with it. :slight_smile:


I can see how that would be true! Having never used one I don’t know how it works though. Do you heat it first then - with whatever amount of oil - then add the food?


I figured I was going to end up with one anyway, and my wife is a big WS fan so she’d get it there for twice as much.


things have a more “fried” texture where the outside is crispy and the inside steaming. The air moves very quickly over the surface to give a better finish than my extremely expensive convection range.


you preheat the “element” for a couple of minutes, add food then hit “play” for however many minutes you think it will take. Frozen fries don’t get any further oil and they cook in about 15 mins. Fresh fries get a spray of oil and are done in 20 I think.
I find myself buying frozen sweet potato fries just about every time I go to the store, so it isn’t exactly keeping me “lean”.


Awesome, thanks!

Try wedging up fresh sweet potatoes in place of fries. You get more bang for your calorie buck since they don’t have anything added like frozen fries usually do (I find you get about twice the amount of food for a similar amount of calories when you chop em yourself, even after accounting for any added oil)


Can you make onion rings with this?


Thanks to those who gave advice on this and pushed me into buying it. Mine was delivered late Saturday evening. On Sunday we put some chicken in it, just raw chicken no breading, and it turned out great. The skin was crispy while the meat was tender and moist. We also made French fries from scratch and they turned out very good as well.
I am officially hooked on this appliance now. :slight_smile:


Got this a couple days ago. Thought I should warn: even after inspecting it as much as I thought possible before cooking in it, there was apparently a paper talking about how it was a used product that had been inspected stuffed up inside the top heating element. Needless to say: nearly 1 lb fish ruined :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … so if you’ve not cooked in it yet: check there first!

After that one horrible mess, I now cook basically everything in it, from potato wedges to peanut butter sandwiches. Cooks everything perfect, just have to be careful about timing!