Philips Bendable Gooseneck Webcam

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New Philips Bendable Gooseneck Webcam, for $7.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Philips SPC611NC/37 Bendable Gooseneck Webcam

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USB 1.1 eh?

This thing would cost like 10 times as much if you bought it on Amazon… but there’s no reviews yet.

If you buy one of those nifty Dell Mini 9’s… Don’t have to pay extra for a webcam! LEOPARD cough cough.

I take it there is no built in mic. Anyone know for sure… If it had a mic, I would be on this.

Amazingly low res and USB 1.1? How old are these things??

Here are a few reviews on Amazon.

Doesn’t sound too great – no microphone!

Looks like it is supported by third-party linux drivers. I guess that is decent.

I doubt it has a mic…but I’d be in for one if someone can confirm that it does

My experience has been that the built in microphone is not something that I really want to use. A headset wired or bluetooth is my preferred setup.

I have a logitech something deluxe thumbs down on the microphone as compared to a headset.

There is no mic.

Only USB 1.1? I am guessing it’s not that better than my aging Quickcam. I’m tempted, but I’ll hold off on this one.

I guess they expect this for laptop use. In which case the onboard lappy mic would be used.

The owners manual doesnt mention any mic (does state an audio card as a requirement)

but one of the FAQ’s on the philips site is about audio problems…

This is in regard to all USB devices, not just this one.

With regard to whether something is USB 1.1 or 2.0… it doesn’t matter. When a manufacturer makes a periferal, they only use USB 2.0 if it’s required by the bandwidth of the device. If the bandwidth of the device won’t take advantage of anything higher than USB 1.1 speeds, they don’t bother making it USB 2.0 as that’s extra cost and it prevents people from using it on older, USB 1.1-only computers. It only makes sense to use 2.0 when you NEED to use 2.0.

So point being, don’t complain that a device is only USB 1.1. It doesn’t matter. Unless you’re talking about a periferal that’s going to be affected by that lack of speed (memory card readers, flash drives, etc), then it doesn’t matter.

That being said, it’s rare that a video device doesn’t use 2.0.

The fact that this doesn’t need USB 2.0 bandwidth should be nothing more than an indicator that the video bitrate is relatively low compared to a higher quality camera.

For like $8, I don’t think people should be expecting miracles. It’s probably a decent way to get some video on your computer, nothing more. If you want something of better quality, you’re going to have to spend a lot more than $8.

Put it this way: It’s silly to complain about both the low resolution and the old standard. The old standard is all the low resolution needs.

There’s no mention of Mac compatibility (in the best Woot fashion)… I suspect there’s at least generic compatibility, but it isn’t promoted because the bundled software isn’t Mac-compatible, or because it isn’t tested with each OS X update, or something minor like that. Any Mac types have experience with this particular model?

Oh, also, how long is that gooseneck cable? It looks pretty short, maybe in the 6-8 inch range, the sort of thing Serendipity wouldn’t even notice.

Any further info? the last webcam I bought, one of those “Hue” bendy webcams, had some drivers, but it would not work at all with programs like Skype.

I agree. Same price as one of those made-in-somewhere eBay cams that have oddball drivers that may not work with your computer and it’s from a major manufacturer.
My problem is that the cord seems incredibly short… not even long enough to go from my front-mounted USB ports on my desktop to mount on anything useful. Does seem a tad outdated but I like the sliding lens cover. Pass.