Philips Bendable Gooseneck Webcam

If there isn’t a mic why does it require a sound card?

I’ve had one of these. They aren’t horrible, but they are extremely, extremely hard to position well. They flex a lot. But the light is pretty sweet. I liked mine (apart from positioning) up until it got crushed and broke (not the camera’s fault, mine.)

Does it work with Skype?

Anyone knows if this supports Vista?

show me the USB2.0 CAM.

What about the software? Is it not in the box?

Right on =)

For the cost of this+shipping you could drop by your local electronics retailer and get a cheap webcam that probably has at least 2x this resolution and/or microphone.

I have one of these cams, and its probably one of the best low end models i’ve purchased. It seemed to work particularly well in low light conditions, compared to others i’ve shelled out $35+ for. The light is a nice feature too, with my younger siblings using it at night to illuminate the keyboard due to the fact they are “peckers”. the only negative side was with every system i installed it onto, the software was difficult to get working. it involved installing and re-installing a few times until it decided to start working, but no glitches afterward. all-in-all, i’d say a good buy!

No first party support, no purchase. Woot, I want Mac-supported devices. And I’m not alone.

How about a link to the webcam referenced in the description?

If you want Mac support, look up Macam - it’s a 3rd party generalized (not generic) driver set which seems to work with a massive number of webcams, allowing support for said webcams with the typical iSoftware as well as the AIM and MSN style software.

Not sure if it works with Skype and related things.

There are like, two webcams that exist that have first party support for Macs. This isn’t Woot’s fault, this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

See, this is my point. Philips not providing drivers for the Mac for this has nothing to do with whether it’s supported. It’s likely that it works just fine. This level of webcam is a generic USB device typically handled by system-level drivers that are part of the OS; the bundled software provides additional features. And that’s what I’d like to verify, without people with weird platform agendas using me as an excuse to post their screeds.

Yes, it’s OSX-compatible (leopard) if you use current macam releases.

I know where you are coming from. Sadly, that’s not how Woot decides what products they sell. It’s more like this:

Woot approaches vendor and says “Hey, we have created an online retail business in which people keep coming back to buy fairly useless crap at discount prices. Got any old crap you want to sell to us cheap?”

The vendor says “Hey, don’t we have a few palettes of those crappy old web cams collecting dust in our warehouse?”

Shipping Update

Philips Bendable Gooseneck Webcams should be finished shipping out by the end of today. Most tracking has already been emailed to members who purchased this item. If you have yet to receive your tracking information, please click the following link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.


It sorta worked right off for me on Ubuntu; I tested it with xawtv. HOWEVER, Skype does not appear to work with it. I’ll try using the other drivers that are mentioned, and see if I have any luck.

EDIT: The drivers above do not work. The only way to get this webcam to work with a current version of the Linux kernel is to compile the kernel with the gspca_pac7311 module enabled. I tried to install gspca separately via gspca-source, but had no luck. When I said above that it worked right off, this was because it turned out I already had compiled a custom kernel a long while back that included the necessary modules.

note: Compiling the kernel takes a few hours, though most of it is automated, so you can do something else while it’s compiling.
Here is a good tutorial on compiling the kernel:
You may have to use mkinitramfs at the end, instead of mkinitrd

The module you’ll need to enable is as follows:
Device Drivers—>/Multimedia devices—>/Video capture adapters—>/V4L USB devices—>/GSPCA based webcams—>/Pixart PAC7311 USB Camera Driver

Once you’ve done all that(and restarted and booted into your newly compiled kernel), you can run skype with the following command:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype

Using this command, I was also able to get the Hue Webcam to work ( Blog - Woot )

got mine yesterday, installed VLounge works great except… it will capture a still picture but it won’t save a video. You start the video, the seconds count up and when you end the video, no file exists… anyone experiencing the same prob?