Philips Black Sound Machine with iPod Dock

Looks like it gets great reviews!

its black

Product Website




Does it work with 8-tracks?

I’d be all over it if my iPhone was compatible.

I hope this sounds better than it looks. This thing is ugly!

I bought one of these months ago through woot and have been very pleased. It’s not the best I’ve used, but for the price I would consider it a great value.

I agree, iPhone compatability keeps me out of this.

Anyone know if it works with Touch 3rd gen ?

/me wonders if this one comes with their ipod?

This thing is uggglly.

Was hoping it would be a “Sound Machine” that made nature-ish sounds. Need one for my newborns room.

first thought was “is that a farking tape player?”

dumb question, but there’s no chance that remote will work on anything plugged into the AUX input, right?

yes, not all of us have ipods
no, i’m not bitter

Is this iPhone 4 compatible?

Does it work with the iPhone 4?

wonders if the IPod dock is crappy in quality?

Does this work with my mac?

When I saw the name thought it was one of those things that plays nature sounds/white noise. Would have been great for my baby.

Can you use these with non-Ipod MP3 players? I’d still be tempted.

Can’t you just download sound machine type sounds onto your ipod and then play them through this?