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Here’s the manual.

IF you believe in Blu Ray, this is probably a good deal. However, as long as DVDs are cheaper than Blu-Ray disks, and I can do downloads…why Blu-Ray?


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Videos are pretty hurtin’

Here’s one in English - hope you don’t mind the Jonas Brothers :wink: and there’s not much to see but a bouncing screen.

Links to more in-depth stuff, but none are in English.

Picture quality. Assuming you have a HDTV, you will see a big difference in picture quality vs a DVD. That’s why BR. DVD upscaling isn’t the same as watching a true HD picture from a BR disk. But, if you can deal with a non-HD movie, then more power to ya.
And BluRay disks are coming down in price, but you shouldn’t be buying. You should be NetFlixing. IMO

Are Blu-Ray players and disks worth buying?

Time article



how can a unit that only draws 70 watts of ac from the wall (according to the manual) produce 1000 watts of speaker power?

It can’t - amplifiers don’t violate the laws of physics. Manufacturers do, however, manipulate numbers to their advantage. For example, the given figure for power consumption many represent an average for “normal” use. And the output may represent the maximum instantaneous figure for one channel, multiplied by the number of channels.

brucek’s post in this forum goes into more detail, if you wish (ignore the part about the Carver amp).

According to Philips, you have to get the NEXT BETTER blu-ray home theater system to get Netflix support :frowning: Specifically model #HTS3251B/F7.

Otherwise, I would have already clicked I WANT ONE!

Reviews look pretty favorable on this one though!

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So I see the satellite speakers have an “attached cable which is color-coded for simple instillation”, but I don’t see anywhere that tells me how long these speaker cables are. I would really like to know if I am going to need to have 1000’ of cable spooled behind my TV, or if the speakers all have to be within 10’ of the player. Anyone out there know which of these two extremes is the truth?

Some FAQs about this product

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Further FAQs about this product relating to hardware, speakers, etc

Here it is at QVC Shopping Network as well