Philips Blu-Ray Player w/BD Live

Is it worth it? Does it do Netflix?

First to ask what it is or how it works without bothering to read the description.


First to call the current item useless junk just because it’s not something I personally want.

There. That should cover the complaint dept. :-p

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I never understood the inclusion of composite cables with hidef equipment. :expressionless:

EDIT: Ok, so cost, etc… but still. I’ve unfortunately seen way too many people hype up their “HD Theater” only to find out they’re using composite hookups. Makes me :frowning:

good luck with this one, I’ve dealt with Philips and a refurb, 2 months is all I’m sayin’

What’s BD live?

Bad Dogs live?

Brewing Donkeys Live?

Badgering Ducks?

Bonking Dingoes?

Battling Didgeridoos?

Sounds like great TV…

does bd live mean netflix? I don’t see netflix in the description anywhere. I’m guessing no? Too bad.

Yes we did. Lucky for the people who weren’t awake at 4 a.m.

No usb port…blu-ray discs cost more…my pioneer up-convert home theater (thanks woot) does as well as a basic blu-ray player…nope, don’t think I will.

134$ Amazonsk

94$ New on
79.99$ Refurb on

As if that’ll stop the snobs from chiming in.

Night-ghosting all morning, afternoon, and night!

All forms of DVD’s are a dead format. Everything will be streaming content very soon. How many video stores have went under in your town lately?

Same price, free shipping.

BD Live? WTF is that?

Please can I have a Roku? I’ve been patient and I’m sure this Phillips thingie is very nice. I just want a Roku.

About 8. It’s pretty crazy.

U can pretty much buy the same thing on e-bay for cheaper or the same price

I think it’s people fishing for quality posts when they ask really basic questions that are covered in the description or something really that everyone already knows the answer to. And if they ask if it’s compatible with a Mac they’re just being a smartass.