Philips Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi & Apps

i wouldnt try it with this thing

no it does not. sorry i think most samsungs work with amazon. and ps3s do for sure

yes this player plays blu-ray and dvd quite well for $30

Negative Ghost Rider. A Roku with Plex is way to go for that. It will sort everything out by show and make it nice and pretty.

Where did the “most loved way to pay” or “send money” or “something like that” go?

Does this device come with a power cord or HDMI cable?

You want something that’s DLNA certified. I didn’t see anything about this having that feature.

Power cord = Yes
HDMI cable = probably not (they’re rarely included)

Hey Thunder…
When did you change your animation?!?

Ethernet port?

I took a look at the Phillips product page. Their specs tab states that there is an ethernet port on the back of the device. Hope that helps!

I ordered 3 and got 2 today. It has an ethernet port, video out and coax (audio) and HDMI. One of mine did not have a remote :frowning: Hope the Woot Gods can send me one. Hope the 3rd one is complete.

It sounds like you’ve already emailed support. Keep us updated!

Got mine yesterday. The apps work great… with the exception of Netflix. Absolutely horrid playback. Studders constantly and the controls are sluggish. I’ll be trying a Blu-ray tonight to see how that is.

Pandora, YouTube, Picassa Pics all work fine.

Glad I have a Chromecast for Netflix and really wanted the deal for the blu-ray portion. :slight_smile:

I got the 3rd one today and everything is in the box. Still waiting to hear on my missing remote from one of my other ones.

I ordered three of these and haven’t recieved them, not even a tracking number. Contacted customer support since december 2 and they haven’t answered yet. If I have no news today will ask my money back :confused: extremly disapointed!

If you don’t get tracking by tomorrow, please PM me. (Today if it’s after midnight for you already).

Still waiting to hear from Customer service. They sent initial email saying they would respond within 24 hrs but must be real busy, not a good sign :frowning:

I didn’t receive a tracking number either, but mine showed up today… And is a piece. It crashes and freezes every time you try to set up a wireless connection, regardless of which of the several techniques you use. I ensured the firmware was upgraded as well, still no joy. Off to email customer service…

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