Philips Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi & Apps

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Philips Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi & Apps
Price: $29.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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11/25/2013 - $29.99 - 30 comment(s)

Some of the worst Amazon reviews I’ve ever seen! 1.5 stars!

Bought on a previous woot. Regret it.

CONS: This thing sucks. It’s slow, its remote and interface are unresponsive, you have to hit buttons repeatedly and/or hold them down for a long time and wonder if they worked or not. The power light doesn’t shut off, it sloooooowly fades out, so you second guess if it’s actually shutting off, and then you hit the power button again because you think it didn’t work but then you’ve actually turned it on again… The WiFi is terrible, it buffers and stutters on my 50 megabit connection with excellent signal strength. I often have to re-configure the wi-fi as it will randomly forget my network. Overall, I hate this thing and I wish someone would break into my house and steal it.

PROS: I guess it technically plays Blu-Rays.

I was about to buy this for my daughters room just for use as a BluRay/DVD player (she has a Roku for streaming) but it doesn’t even sound like it’s good for even that.

Woot would sell more of these if they marketed them as bookends.

Phillips: Electronics you buy for someone you don’t really care about.

Oh Great, The one time I don’t read the comments before buying. :rolleyes: Hope this thing works.

It’s refurbished. I think that means they actually had to test the hardware and make sure it works before they sent it out again.

Same here… sigh.

That’s a shame. I have an old phillips DVD player that STILL works that was AWESOME back in the day. It played just about everything i threw at it including divx and recorded disc (way before that was a popular thing). It’s a shame they have gone down hill

Yeah, me too.

Grrrr I just received the confirmation of purchase although I trief to cancel this order a few minutes after I bought it. Reviews say it’s awful. :frowning:

Me Three…:frowning:

Me Fourth… :frowning:

I just got it out of the box. It is awful. It had someone elses netflix info installed in the system memory. I reset the item to factory settings. If they refurbed it they did not wipe previous owners info out. It starts movies and they freeze up after 10 seconds. I have fast cable internet. I am upset about this even being advertised as refurbished as it never could have been. I sm returning it tomorrow.