Philips BoomBoom 8” Digital Photo Frame, USB Sub-Display & Gadget Hub

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Philips BoomBoom 8" Digital Photo Frame, USB Sub-Display & Gadget Hub
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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assuming they don’t sell out, does anyone know how fast they cycle items? (not the daily ones)

$96 on Amazon.

it will sell out in like 2 minutes. Its a decent product for a great deal.

$99.99 on amazon…

I can understand digital photo frames, but… do they really need video… fine video whatever cool. But audio… do you really want to hear those moments over and over?

I should pull the trigger but waiting on a better gift for the wifey…

Bought this last time it was on, Needed a new picture frame for my Aunt in a retirement home. The pandigital wasn’t great with the delay start up and the remote that just sux 50% of the time and the other is ubber suxer.

The boom boom still has the delay start, with the speakers my Aunt will be able to hear it power on with the remote , every month when they test the generators.

Washington sure loves themselves some digital photo frames.

I got one of these when they were on sellout.woot . . and it seems that some of the others did not get the mini-cd with the drivers for windows. check out the sellout thread if you guys need any help.

sellout.woot link