Philips BR-30 Hue Starter Pack Bonus Kit

FYI, this is not compatible with HomeKit from Apple. Not sure about Google Home or Amazon Echo.

The bulbs are if you already have the updated bridge. Just note, these are the Gen 1 bulbs (not as luminous) but for less than 30 a bulb, it’s not a bad deal.

I watched the accompanying HUE video embedded and in the last 20 seconds there is a pop up in the bottom right that says “Compatible with Apple HomeKit”. So, the video is representing a different model or it actually is compatible!

Phillips Pretty Page with Videos

The round bridge is the early V1 model. The more square bridge is the V2 bridge. Homekit/etc was not added till the V2 bridge.

The bulbs are usually ~$60 ea for the color changing and the Lux bulb is $15. Reasonable deal if you have can/track lights that need bulbs. However it looks like these are the first gen bulbs too (I don’t think they have a BR30 in the new bulbs). The first gen bulbs didn’t go as vibrant in color as the 2nd gen bulbs. They produce more of a toned color wash instead of on the newer bulbs give a more saturated color.

I’ll ask the vendor!

Philips hue lights gen 1 work for home kit using a gen 2 hub. The gen 1 hub (round one) does not support Apple home kit.

Why is there a A19 bulb pictured also? Is this an additional bulb? States a BR-30 package, was confused when I saw this.

You get a Lux bulb as a bonus.

Looking for some clarity: I know for the A19’s there was a first generation and a 2nd generation version of the bulbs. Am I correct in that there was not a 2nd generation of the BR-30 bulbs? Also, will these bulbs connect to my newer (boxy shaped) 2nd generation A19 hub that I received in a start pack? (Looks like from a previous post that should work out fine for me.)

I have a gen 1 setup, i had to upgrade the bridge to the gen 2 hub to work with apple. the gen 1 does work fine with amazon echo.

this kit has
1 an outdated hub
2. 2 older style but very good color changing bulbs
3. a bonus hue bulb… i like them but they are only white.

trust me get the newer kit if you run apple equipment, for a pc user or echo user your fine.

I purchased this kit from a previous Woot posting. It has 3 of the BR30 color changing bulbs, not 2.

Feel free to call me old, or stingy, or whatever, but 115 bucks for what, 3 light bulbs? is a special kind of insanity, no matter how fancy they are.

Light bulbs. $8 for LEDs, a buck for the old fashion incandescent pack of four (if you can still find them).

What kind of world is it where we spend 30 bucks or so on a light bulb? Think about it. What super nifty features could these bulbs offer that would justify the price? Colors?

Maybe you guys are all just richer than I am, I dunno. But hell, when I was in college I could feed myself for a month on $115. That’s the perspective I’m coming from.

And this is a “starter pack”? How much you gonna end up paying after the rest of the stuff is bought?

If one has any balance on your credit card whatsoever, that needs to be paid off, I would suggest that one should not buy these bulbs, because it’s just more stuff that will clutter up your house/yard for an exorbitant price and make your debt grow that much more. Let’s get some perspective here!

Sorry, Woot, but come on!

I know a couple of people that have these. One is the single, makes too much money type. The other has family and makes a very good living. The family guy has it setup so that it changes color when the kids are supposed to start getting ready for bed and get in bed.

But, I agree, I wouldn’t spend $40/light on these. I have replaced 95% of the lights in our house with LEDs but I spent between $2 and $4 each.

Can anyone tell me if this is compatible with Alexa Echo and dot?