Philips CE233 CarStudio Car Audio System

Philips CE233 CarStudio Car Audio System

Apparently no Bluetooth.

Detachable face plate? Did someone find a bunch of car stereos left over from the 90’s?

So is MP3 link the same as what we would call Bluetooth today?

Found the manual online. I don’t see anything about Bluetooth.

My guess is that refers to the Aux In you could use with a portable MP3 Player
Playing MP3s via the USB port either from a USB drive or an MP3 player that can connect via USB cable.

Right…because scumbags don’t still steal car stereos today? Sorry to ruin your hipster schtick, kid. :joy:

The real solution came from the mainstream auto industry, which, as NPR noted in a 2009 article, accidentally solved the car-stereo theft problem by integrating the vehicle’s audio systems in a very complex way. It’s of no benefit to a thief to steal a stereo that only works in one kind of car.

“Not many thieves can offer installation on a flip-screen navigation/video/stereo system with a Bluetooth-compatible computer interface operating over fiber optic cables,” NPR’s Laura Sullivan wrote. “Done right, it should also be compatible with OnStar and a wireless router.”

Quoting Vice quoting NPR, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

LOL! And here we are a decade later and only recently have those type integrated systems been “offered” (at excessively exorbitant price) on select vehicles. Still the VAST majority of vehicles get sold with the most basic infotainment system. The tech has been around for decades, but the price barrier takes many moons to beat for ROI, kid. Ahh, to be young and naive again…NOT! LOL!

(We are only FINALLY getting true electric vehicles today after how many decades of test runs? The batteries are getting to a point where they hold charge long enough AND charge swiftly enough AND don’t cost a fortune to manufacture/maintain AND last/live long enough. That’s how technology/progress works/happens. Imagine what we will experience in another decade or two!)