Philips Compact Universal Remote – 2 Pack

A folding remote?

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Philips Compact Universal Remote - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This wont be around long.

They couldn’t sell them all before so now they make it a 2-pack? I’ll sit out on this one

Day two of three (probably) and already repeats?

Just in case you missed flip phones.

Got three… which means SIX :slight_smile:

what does this mean?

Your order is invalid (code: buttafuoco)


Half is big! Half as easy to find! Twice as easy to lose! That’s why there are two!~

I lose my remote often enough…I don’t need a tiny one…

will these work with my garage door?

I doubts the probability of a 3 day wootoff

You can pretend they are Star Trek communicators. beep boop

Isnt that the dude that got his dick chopped off by his girlfriend or something?

these are great to give to the crazy people at the mall so they can change the channels on the TV’s. No more CNN for them!

This was $2.99 for one just 24hrs ago.

Thanks for more pictures this time woot!

Why two? So you don’t have to fight for the remote, but you still get to fight over which channel to watch? Sounds like trouble to me!