Philips DirecTV Receiver with Tivo DVR


nope… dont need it… anyways Direct TV is giving these away free with a rebate


Dish Network here, no DirecTV…next…


Can’t you get this for free from Directv??


Still not something that I need, but at least this is not as ugly as the vcr!


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Philips DirecTV Receiver with Tivo DVR
$79.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Philips DSR708 DirecTV Reciever with Tivo


Here is the complete woot killer. Who the hell is going to buy a discontinued directTV/tivo when directTV gives away new ones free if you subscribe. I suppose you have no contract if you buy your own, so buy three everyone.


Don’t need this…I love my Dish Network! :slight_smile:


How are people getting negative first purchase times?


They are very fast.


Sold out…are some people buying this crap just for the hell of it?


Tivo’s software is WAY better than DirecTV’s own box. Don’t dis what you don’t know.


yeah good point, what u get for free is direct tv recorder which is crap…they stopped the tivo receiver a year ago or so


Thought you worked for them, and you can’t keep up :slight_smile:


I have one of these I was using for a few months. Works great, very fast processor so you don’t have that lag when you scroll through the guide. I recently got rid of my DirecTV service. If anyone wants to buy it off me you can email me at


Received my Philips DirecTV Receiver with Tivo DVR today, but no power cord or remote :frowning:


I received my unit yesterday with no power cord, remote or satellite access card??? What can I do about that?