Philips DLO PowerPack for iPod & iPhone


anyone know if this will work for the ipad?

Yonder is the product’s website:

AC ->USB and Cigarette lighter -> USB power adapters come in handy. Almost everything charges off USB nowadays. 1A output matches HTC phones, Kindles, etc.

I have one of these already. Works well - I like the versatility (can charge via wall, car, or USB). In for 1 2pk.

So, this won’t work with my 3rd generation iPod Touch? I know it only says 1st and 2nd generations, but for a charging unit, does that matter?


does anyone know how long the cables are? I’m sick of 3’ cables that barely reach from an outlet to my nightstand.

What? No Zune connectors?


Does anyone know if the cable will fit an iPhone 4 with an Apple bumper case?

My old car charger and my old iPod USB cable are slightly too big to fit into the bumper’s slot.

Yes but it won’t charge as fast. This has less amperage but will get the job done (eventually).

The 10 Watt USB Adapter that ships with the iPad outputs 5.1 Volts at 2.1 Amps (2100ma) (this info was taken directly from my iPad’s USB adapter)

I see no reason why it wouldn’t. I know that if it does not output enough current that the iPad will say it is not charging however, my experience has been that it does indeed charge albeit at a slower rate. It will not charge while you are using it, but if the display is off it will. I have successfully charged my iPad overnight with chargers that output as little as 750ma with no noticeable issues.

In for 2 2 packs if they work for 3rd gen ipod touch. Can someone verify?

Can’t imagine why it would matter? I’d be shocked (that’s right, shocked!) if this didn’t work with any iPod (except for some of the goofy shuffles), iPhone or iPad.

With mini and/or micro-usb cables it will work with a whole lot more stuff too.

I bought a similar Belkin set that came with the proprietary Sansa cable but I use the chargers for all sorts of thins wit no trouble.

Oh good. There can never be more than a thousand times too many opportunities than even remotely necessary to scoop up some more iCrap.

It actually does matter, I cant even use my charger that came with my first generation iphone to charge my iphone 4, its a pretty huge pain in the a.

Product info flyer

It outputs 1A @ 5v so it should charge faster than a generic USB charger.

apple hater?