Philips Docking Cradle for iPod

great,lunch time

Nope, doesn’t do iPhone or iPod Touch.

And yeah, it’ll work with a Mac.

And link.

might be worth the money for the cables…

That orange iPod would go well with the orange leather of the digital picture frame/pen holder!

The orange compliments the woot lights quite nicely. I think I am seeing why there is this pattern now…

Does it work with the Iphone?

Perfect cradle for you baby iPod.

Treat it well so it can grow up to be a well adjusted adult iPod.

errrr! another thing-a-ma-jig for ipod

iPod Touch :frowning:

Because Ipod docks are so very hard to find.

“iPod not included” What a rip!!

iPod Dock
Power Cable
USB Cable
S-Video Cable
Audio Cable
Use the coupon, even without coupon accessories are worth the price

Don’t forget:


I got worms

Check compatibility on the item page before you buy!

Product Website

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Reviews at Buzzillions

bag of crap!

whenever I try this I get “This coupon code won’t work.”

what does a dock do that a cable doesn’t do? other than orient the device vertically when you aren’t using it (and presumably don’t care which direction it’s pointed)?

totally serious question, i’m looking to repurpose an old mini as an alarm clock.

Just in case anyone wants it…info on this item, manual etc. on Philips site HERE.