Philips Docking Cradle for iPod

Will it work with my Sansas?

i have a keyboard that does this.

From Zune to iPod just like that!

woah that was fast

doesn’t work with the 160gb one?

you sick basterd:)

User manual and more details :

they should save useless junk like this for the bags of wootpoop

probably not. Maybe it will work with the Zune. :slight_smile:

Bought this for the same price on Woot a while ago, because I hardly ever use an ipod for home audio, and this is a cheap price.

I have barely used it. Lack of remote makes this thing much less useful than you might think – if you are on the fence thinking “maybe it will be not so bad, I won’t use it much so I won’t mind not having a remote” you are right, in some sense. You won’t use it – because it doesn’t have a remote.

Damn, I wanted this.

will it work with an iphone?

Darn. I wanted one of those. That was quick.

Ew dude…

This is the one that doesn’t actually work with the Nano pictured. Whoops.