Philips DVD Player w/1080p Upconversion

amazon for:

DVP3982 (not very good reviews) ($53.95)

DVP3980 (pretty great reviews) ($49.99 and free shipping)

got mom one for Christmas, big gain in picture quality over her old DVD player (once i bought an equally expensive HDMI cable)

I really must question the point of purchasing a DVD player at this moment in time. Why not buy a PS3? It has the second best upscaling of any DVD player on earth (way better than these), AND it does Bluray, AND it will do 3D Bluray.

Get a PS3.

(Note: I am NOT a PS3 fanboi. I don’t even use my PS3 to play games. It is the best, most future proof DVD/Bluray player on earth.)

since bluray is so big now and hddvd is gone, who wants a refurb 1080p dvd player? i just went and got a ps3

I recently bought a DVP-3982 at Walmart for $45. It worked pretty well for me.

Now if only I waited, i could have scored it for $15 less…

Are you really comparing a $300 PS3 to this $25 DVD player?

I’ve got the DVP3980 and it’s a total P.O.S…
Stay away.

It really is a great product, have it, lvoe it, and for the price you better buy it.

Protip: A 6 dollar 12 foot HDMI cable is just as good as a 100 dollar 12 foot HDMI cable.

product websites for:

DVP3982 and the user manual)

and the DVP3980 and the user manual)

Can this be made region free ?

Gotta argue that some sort of PC is the MOST future-proof DVD/Bluray player on earth - don’t have to rely on Sony releasing software upgrades.

I have the DVP3982 with DIVX support. It worked great for 6 months, but now randomly shuts off when watching DVDs or divx burned to cdr or dvdr. It doesn’t seem like an overheating issue; the unit doesn’t get that hot. I never bothered reporting it because the thing is so cheap, I just bought something better and moved on.


Why does a DVD player have audio INPUT?

that and adding a blu ray drive to your pc is $60

More info at 3982 @ Video Help and 3980 @ Video Help. Including region code hacks.

Looks like both models are able to do region free with a little setup…

True. However I’m fairly positive all upgrades in the future for the PS3 will be free, including the 3D update.

You will most likely be required to purchase upgrades for PC software.

The lifespan of the current generation of consoles will be very long and thus supported for a long time. Until the majority of households in the US get HDTV there’s no point in getting better hardware.

Region Free hack (for both models):

1)Open loading tray.
2)Go to preference page.
3)enter “138931”
4)go up or down to set region code 0.
5)press setup.

In more detail:

DVP3982, DVP3980

They both can play NTSC and PAL disks, so that makes them truly region free, once these steps are applied.