Philips DVD Player w/1080p Upconversion

Got one of these in a WootOff and it lasted all of about 2 weeks. A true P.O.S.

I hate to hear this. I was into this.

Funai junk players. The only thing they are good for is easily being made region free, if they still can be.

We bought two of them and I love mine. We also have blue ray with our PS III, but we tend to watch videos on this machine because the upconvert is such a nice picture.

These are hackable to be region free

Region Free Code For The Philips DVP3982/37 :

Press “Setup”
Scroll to “Preference page” using the Left/Right arrow key
Press “138931? and a popup screen will appear
Use the Up arrow key and select 0 for a region free DVD player

These things really are bad. I also got one from sellout.woot a few months ago and it bit the dust within a couple weeks. $28 seems like a punt, but considering you can get a brand new up-converting player with a real warranty for $35-40 at Target, it’s just not worth the risk.
Sorry woot. Still love ya’, but this product is a stinker.

What the hell is upconversion anyway? Do you need an HDMI cable to get high quality out of this or is it acceptable enough with the 5 prong RCA input?

I bought one of these several months ago from woot. It sat in the box for quite some time and after opening it I was able to get about a weeks worth of use out of it before it died.

Can’t get rid of these, can you?

Actually, my parents got one of these for their bedroom (they have boo way in the den) in a woot-off recently, and they seem to like it.

Dont buy this! Have one. its the worst dvd player ive ever owned. It lasted maybe 2 movies before the hdmi went out. bought it right here, tossed it out a week later and pulled out my old apex that i paid 250$ for in 2000

I love this machine, i gave one to my cousin and to my sis, they love them, no reports of them breaking like everyone else ??? don’t know what there talking about. I’m thinking about getting another one, could always use a spare, and the shipping is ground :smiley: thats good in my book.

Yes. With just composite, you will be limited to 480i.

We have ours connected to the receiver using an HDMI cable. The numbers are against me, more negative reviews. I must have gotten lucky because I’m pretty sure we’ve had ours for over a year.

Here’s a Previous Woot

Please note that the upconversion works only with HDMI cable. If you are using component cables like I do you are out of luck.

But it’s a decent player (DIVX one) and plays most of my DIVX movies just fine.

The DVP3980 (silver) has better reviews on Amazon.

These Philips players are great. I’ve purchased 3 different models. I only have experience using them for DivX movies and not DVDs or upconverting. If you want to just burn and play DivX it doesn’t get any better than the Philips DVP series.

Has anyone had to return an item to woot? Is it a hassle?

There is no point in using them without HDMI. The whole point of upconverting the DVD’s is to get as much resolution as possible. Monoprice or Meritline for inexpensive cables (about 3 bucks) and you are in business.